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An Post – Irish Postal Service

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An Post irish postal service

The rapid growth of technology has created both challenges and opportunities for the Irish postal service, An Post. As communication increasingly moves online and society heads towards a cashless future, An Post is making bold strategic moves to adapt and thrive. E-substitution, the process of replacing physical Ireland Mail with electronic alternatives, has led to a decline in traditional mail volumes. However, the rise of eCommerce has opened new avenues for growth, enabling An Post to continue playing a vital role in Irish society.

One Company, Two Businesses

In response to the evolving landscape, An Post has restructured into two distinct entities: An Post Mails & Parcels and An Post Retail. Each business unit has its own dedicated team and long-term strategy aimed at ensuring sustainability and profitability, and both are a big part of Ireland Mail.

Mails & Parcels

The Mails & Parcels division is focused on expanding the eCommerce and mail marketing sectors. Despite declining traditional mail volumes, this division continues to deliver high-quality postal services to every home and business in Ireland. By becoming the backbone of eCommerce, An Post ensures that all communities across Ireland have equal access to goods, comparable to major world cities. This commitment to service quality is demonstrated through initiatives like Ireland mail tracking, which allows customers to monitor their parcels in real-time, ensuring a reliable and transparent delivery process.


An Post Retail manages more cash than any other organisation in Ireland and aims to diversify and expand its financial and retail services. This division also provides a trusted gateway to government services, both online and in person. The goal is to modernise the post office network, making it a hub for financial technology services in a cashless society. An Post is committed to digital transformation and brand rejuvenation, offering competitive, customer-centred services. Customers can easily find their nearest post office using the store locator and access a wide range of products and services, including Collectibles, Special Issue Stamps, and Gifts, available for purchase through the An Post Shop.

A Historical Overview of the Irish Postal Service

The Beginnings of An Post and the Irish Postal Service

Just like the UK’s Royal Mail postal service, An Post has deep roots in Ireland Mail deliveries. An organised postal service in Ireland dates back to the 16th century. Initially, letters were delivered by ‘post boys’ who travelled on foot or horseback. Bellmen in Dublin would walk the streets, ringing a bell to attract attention and collect letters from the public. This rudimentary system laid the foundation for what would become a crucial communication network across Ireland.

The Impact of Mail Coaches and the Penny Black

The introduction of mail coaches in 1789 revolutionised the postal service by speeding up mail delivery. The first mail coach route between Dublin and Cork significantly reduced delivery times, making postal services more efficient and reliable. The launch of the world’s first adhesive postage stamp, the Penny Black, in 1840 further transformed the postal landscape. This innovation made mail services affordable to the general public, democratizing communication and fostering greater connectivity across Ireland.

The Advent of Railways and the Telegraph

The arrival of the railways in the 19th century brought further improvements to mail transport. In 1855, the Post Office began using special sorting carriages on trains, where staff could sort letters en route, ensuring faster delivery times. The introduction of the telegraph also marked a significant milestone, allowing for instantaneous communication across long distances. This period of innovation led to the establishment of the Post Office Savings Bank in 1861, encouraging regular saving and providing financial services to the public.

Ireland Mail and Maritime Tragedies

From the 16th century onwards, regular mail boats transported post between Britain and Ireland. The bustling port of Cobh (formerly Queenstown) was a key hub for transatlantic mail, with great liners regularly picking up and dropping off hundreds of sacks of mail. However, the postal service was not without its risks. Ireland’s worst maritime disaster occurred in October 1918, when the mail boat RMS Leinster was sunk by a German submarine in the Irish Sea. Over 500 people lost their lives, including almost all of the Post Office staff who were sorting letters on board. The centenary of this tragedy was commemorated with a special stamp issue, honouring those who perished.

Today, almost all letters entering and leaving Ireland are sent by air. This mode of transport gradually became the norm after the first experimental airmail flight between Galway and London in 1929. Air mail significantly reduced delivery times and improved the efficiency of international mail services, allowing for faster and more reliable communication across borders.

The General Post Office (GPO)

An Iconic Building

Dublin’s General Post Office (GPO) is one of Ireland’s most iconic buildings, renowned for its historical significance and architectural grandeur. Designed by the Armagh-born architect Francis Johnston, the GPO’s foundation stone was laid by Charles Whitworth, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, in August 1814. The building opened its doors to the public less than four years later in January 1818. Over the centuries, the GPO has witnessed rebellion, lockout, and demonstrations, yet it has survived through two centuries to remain one of the oldest operating postal headquarters in the world.

The 1916 Rising and Reconstruction

The GPO played a pivotal role in the 1916 Easter Rising, one of the most significant events in Irish history. During the rebellion, the building served as the headquarters for the leaders of the uprising. However, the conflict led to the destruction of the GPO, with the roof collapsing and fire engulfing the interior, forcing the retreat and surrender of the insurgents.

Following its destruction, a team from the Office of Public Works, led by architect TJ Byrne, undertook the reconstruction and extension of the building. The enlarged public office, formally reopened by W.T. Cosgrave in 1929, retained elements of Johnston’s original design while incorporating contemporary art deco features. Today, the GPO remains a place of business, public service, and historical remembrance. Visitors can explore its rich history at the award-winning GPO Witness History Visitor Centre and read more in “The GPO – 200 Years of History” book.

An Post’s Role In The Modern Irish Postal Service

Comprehensive Services

An Post occupies a unique place in Irish life, connecting people through a history that stretches back more than 400 years. Today, An Post offers a wide range of services beyond traditional mail delivery. These services include the provision of pensions, parcel collection, and financial services. An Post is committed to ensuring that its services are accessible to everyone, whether online or in person. Customers can contact An Post via An Post Contact for more information.

Digital Transformation

In an increasingly digital world, An Post is embracing new technologies to enhance its services. The company is focused on providing customer-centred solutions that meet the needs of a modern, cashless society. This includes digital transformation initiatives aimed at streamlining operations and improving the customer experience. By leveraging technology, An Post is able to offer innovative services such as real-time Ireland mail tracking, which allows customers to monitor their parcels and mail with ease.

Financial and Retail Services

An Post Retail is at the forefront of providing financial and retail services to the public. Managing more cash than any other organisation in Ireland, An Post Retail offers a wide range of financial products, including savings accounts, insurance, and loans. Additionally, the post office network serves as a gateway to government services, making it easier for customers to access essential services in their local communities. For any inquiries, customers can reach out to an An Post Contact via the An Post Ireland email address at customer.services@anpost.ie.

An Post, the cornerstone of the Irish postal service, has evolved significantly from its traditional role of handling Ireland Mail and deliveries. Today, An Post is not just a postal service provider but a dynamic and innovative company that offers a wide range of products and services, including mobile phones, accessories, tablets, and SIM-only deals. This strategic diversification is a testament to An Post’s commitment to adapting to modern consumer needs and staying relevant in an increasingly digital world.

An Post Don’t Just Deal With Ireland Mail…

Recognising the growing demand for mobile technology, An Post has ventured into the mobile market, offering a comprehensive range of mobile phones, accessories, tablets, and SIM-only deals through its online shop. This move allows An Post to cater to the tech-savvy consumer, providing them with the latest devices and connectivity options at competitive prices.

Mobile Phones and Accessories

An Post’s mobile phone range includes the latest models from leading brands, ensuring that customers have access to top-tier technology. In addition to mobile phones, An Post also offers a variety of accessories, such as cases, chargers, and headphones, providing a one-stop shop for all mobile-related needs. This convenience is particularly appealing to customers who value the ability to purchase their mobile essentials from a trusted provider.

Tablets and Connectivity

Beyond mobile phones, An Post’s product line extends to tablets, catering to those who require larger screens for work, study, or entertainment. These tablets come in various specifications to suit different user needs, from basic models for casual use to high-performance devices for more demanding tasks.

SIM-Only Deals

For customers who prefer to keep their current mobile phones, An Post offers attractive SIM-only deals. These plans provide flexibility and value, allowing users to choose the data, text, and call packages that best suit their usage patterns without being tied to a lengthy contract.

Customer Benefits and Discounts

An Post is committed to providing value to its customers not only through its product offerings but also through exclusive benefits. One such benefit is the Advantage Card, which offers customers discounts and special deals on a wide range of products and services. By applying for the Advantage Card via this link, customers can enjoy significant savings on their purchases, enhancing the overall value proposition of shopping with An Post.

An Post’s expansion into the mobile technology market and its commitment to providing comprehensive, value-driven services highlight its evolution from a traditional postal service provider to a multifaceted commercial entity. By offering mobile phones, accessories, tablets, and SIM-only deals, An Post meets the modern consumer’s needs, ensuring its relevance in today’s digital age. This strategic diversification, coupled with exclusive customer benefits like the Advantage Card, underscores An Post’s dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and community engagement.

Commitment to Community

An Post is deeply committed to playing a full role in Irish economic life. By supporting eCommerce and ensuring equitable access to goods and services, An Post helps to strengthen communities across Ireland. The company’s efforts to modernise its post office network ensure that every town and major village has a modern, accessible post office, providing the financial technology services needed in a cashless society. This commitment to community service is central to An Post’s mission and vision for the future.

Shopping and Collectibles

An Post also caters to philatelists and collectors through its online shop, where customers can purchase a variety of items such as Collectibles, Special Issue Stamps, and Gifts. These products celebrate Ireland’s rich cultural heritage and historical events, making them popular among both local and international collectors. This Irish Postal Services not only offers deliveries, they also offer a convenient online shopping experience, allowing customers to browse and purchase items from the comfort of their homes.

An Post Contact Details

For inquiries or assistance, An Post can be reached through various channels. Customers can contact An Post via email at customer.services@anpost.ie or visit the An Post Contact page for more information.

Locating a Nearby Store

To find the nearest post office so you can use this Irish Postal Service, customers can use the store locator. This tool provides information on the location and services offered at each post office, making it easy for customers to find the support they need.

Irish Postal Service

FAQs and How To Track Ireland Mail

1. What happens if I miss a delivery?

If a delivery is missed, several options are available:

  • Collect the item: Bring the ‘sorry we missed you’ notice (also called a Docket In Box or DIB notice) and personal identification, such as a driver’s licence, to the local Delivery Service Unit.
  • Nominate an agent: You (the addressee) can sign the ‘sorry we missed you’ notice and have an agent collect the item on your behalf. The agent must bring the signed notice and their own identification.
  • Arrange redelivery: You can arrange for the item to be redelivered online to the same or an alternative address. Redeliveries typically take 3 to 5 working days.

If the item should have been delivered but no DIB notice was received, it is likely still in transit. You can check all deliveries by clicking on HERE to monitor all Ireland Mail Tracking.

2. How many times will An Post attempt to deliver my parcel?

An Post will attempt to deliver the parcel at least once. If no one is available to accept the parcel, a ‘sorry we missed you!’ notice will be left, explaining how to collect the parcel from a local facility or arrange redelivery. To avoid missing deliveries, customers can set a safe spot for parcel drop-off. This can be done by signing up at anpost.com/signup.

3. Why is my post late or delayed?

Standard post items are usually delivered by An Post one to two days after posting. Delays can occur due to:

  • Incomplete, illegible, or incorrect addresses
  • Items posted after the final collection of the day
  • Difficulty accessing the property
  • International post handled by multiple postal services and customs agents
  • Handling of prohibited items

If a ‘sorry we missed you’ notice has been left, follow the instructions on the notice. If standard post has not been received within five working days from the date of posting (or 15 days for international post), contact An Post through the contact form or pick up an enquiry form at the local post office or delivery office.

4. What should I do if my post is missing, damaged, or opened?

In cases of missing, damaged, or opened post, keep the item and any packaging for inspection. Contact An Post through the contact form or at the local post office or delivery office. An Post aims to resolve enquiries and provide a final reply within 30 calendar days for mail within Ireland, 40 days for mail to Europe, and 60 days for mail to other destinations.

5. I have not received my eCommerce parcel order yet, what should I do?

If expecting an eCommerce parcel, note that staff are working hard to deliver parcels as quickly as possible while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Some delays may occur. The fastest way to track delivery is online. Tracking information is updated throughout the day as the delivery is scanned. For updated tracking, check Every Parcel.

If you still need further assistance, we have provided details on the An Post Ireland email address and how to reach out to an An Post Contact, please contact their friendly team to get any issues resolved.

An Post, the cornerstone of the Irish postal service, continues to evolve, adapting to the digital age while maintaining a strong connection to its rich historical roots. Whether through traditional mail, modern financial services, or digital transformation initiatives, An Post remains integral to Irish life. By leveraging technology, expanding services, and committing to community engagement, An Post ensures it meets the needs of its customers today and in the future. For more information, customers can reach out via the An Post Ireland email address at customer.services@anpost.ie.

Irish Postal Service

Contact An Post – Irish Postal Service for missing parcels and track your parcel HERE

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