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China Post, officially known as China Post Group Corporation, stands as a vital component of the country’s postal and logistics infrastructure. China Post has played a crucial role in connecting people and businesses across the vast expanse of China and facilitating international mail and parcel services. It is essential to note that developments may have occurred since then, and for the latest and most accurate information, referring to China Post’s official channels is recommended.

Overview of China Post:

Established in 1997, China Post Group Corporation is the official state-owned postal service provider in China. Operating under the jurisdiction of the State Post Bureau, it serves as the national postal service, overseeing a comprehensive range of services, including domestic and international mail delivery, parcel services, express delivery, logistics, and financial services.

Key Features and Services:

  1. Domestic Mail and Parcel Services: China Post’s extensive network covers the entire nation, ensuring the delivery of mail and parcels to even the most remote locations. The company operates a vast number of post offices and service points across urban and rural areas, providing accessible and reliable postal services to a diverse population.
  2. International Mail and Parcel Services: With the growing importance of international trade and communication, China Post facilitates the sending and receiving of mail and parcels across borders. The international division of China Post manages outbound and inbound international mail, connecting China to the global postal network.
  3. Express Delivery and Logistics: China Post has adapted to the demand for faster and more efficient delivery services with its express delivery and logistics offerings. Under the brand name EMS (Express Mail Service), China Post provides expedited international express services, ensuring swift and secure delivery of time-sensitive shipments.
  4. Financial Services: Beyond postal and logistics services, China Post has expanded into financial services. This includes the provision of banking services, insurance, and other financial products. The integration of financial services enhances China Post’s role as a multifaceted service provider catering to various aspects of people’s lives.
  5. E-commerce Collaboration: Recognising the booming e-commerce sector, China Post collaborates with e-commerce platforms to provide tailored logistics solutions. The company plays a pivotal role in the delivery of packages ordered online, contributing to the success of China’s thriving e-commerce industry.

Online Resources:

  • Official Website: China Post Website: The official China Post website serves as a comprehensive platform for users to access information about the company, its services, and any updates. The website provides an array of online tools and services, including tracking, postage calculators, and other resources.
  • International Services: China Post International: For users engaging in international shipping, the China Post International website offers details about international mail and parcel services, tracking options, and other relevant information. This resource caters specifically to the global user base.
  • Customer Service: China Post Customer Service: China Post provides avenues for customer inquiries and support through its official customer service channels. Users can find contact information, frequently asked questions, and guidance on various postal and logistics-related matters.


China Post, as the national postal service of China, embodies the country’s commitment to maintaining an efficient and far-reaching postal and logistics infrastructure. Its role extends beyond traditional mail delivery to encompass international shipping, express services, financial offerings, and collaborations with the burgeoning e-commerce industry. China Post’s adaptability to evolving trends and technologies positions it as a cornerstone of connectivity and commerce in the rapidly changing landscape of postal and logistics services.

For the most recent and accurate information about China Post’s services, policies, and any recent developments, it is recommended to visit the official website China Post Website or contact the company directly. China Post’s continued evolution and integration of services reflect its dedication to meeting the diverse needs of individuals, businesses, and the global community.

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