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Clarks: Stepping into Style with Versatile Delivery Options

Embark on a stylish journey with Clarks, a brand synonymous with quality footwear and timeless design. Navigating through their online store at Clarks, patrons are not only greeted with an array of fashionable shoes but also presented with a range of convenient delivery options. Clarks understands the importance of a seamless shopping experience, and with delivery services provided by Evri and DPD, customers can tailor their preferences to suit their needs. Explore the diverse options for delivery, ensuring your Clarks footwear arrives at your doorstep with the utmost convenience and efficiency. You can check out their latest offers and discounts HERE.

Clarks: Elevating Footwear Fashion

Heritage of Quality:

With a heritage dating back to 1825, Clarks has consistently been a leader in footwear fashion. The brand’s commitment to crafting comfortable and stylish shoes has made it a trusted choice for individuals seeking both fashion and functionality. Navigating through categories like ‘Men,’ ‘Women,’ and ‘Kids’ on the Clarks website,, customers encounter a diverse selection that caters to various tastes and preferences.

Timeless Designs:

Clarks’ dedication to timeless design is reflected in its shoe collections, ranging from classic leather boots to contemporary sneakers. Each pair is a blend of craftsmanship and innovation, ensuring that patrons not only step out in style but also enjoy the comfort synonymous with the Clarks name.

Delivery Options: Tailoring Convenience to Your Doorstep

Standard Delivery by Evri (4 working days) – £4.95:

For those who appreciate a standard yet reliable delivery option, Clarks offers delivery through Evri in approximately 4 working days. Priced at £4.95, this option ensures your chosen footwear arrives with the assurance of quality and convenience.

FREE Delivery on Orders Over £50:

Clarks delights its customers with FREE standard delivery on orders exceeding £50, making it an attractive proposition for those looking to not only enhance their footwear collection but also enjoy complimentary delivery.

Click and Collect within 4 days – FREE:

The Click and Collect service provides the flexibility of picking up your order within 4 days at your convenience. This option is not only efficient but also comes at no additional cost, providing an ideal solution for those who prefer a hands-on approach to collecting their Clarks footwear.

Next Day Delivery (by DPD) – £6.95:

For patrons seeking expedited service, Clarks offers Next Day Delivery through DPD at a rate of £6.95. This option ensures that your chosen footwear arrives promptly, allowing you to step into style without delay.

Express Delivery by Evri (within 2 days) – £5.95:

If a quicker turnaround is desired, Clarks provides an Express Delivery option through Evri, guaranteeing delivery within 2 days for £5.95. This choice caters to those who appreciate swifter access to their fashionable acquisitions.

Pick up Points & Lockers (By Evri) – £4.95:

For added convenience, Clarks offers delivery to Pick up Points & Lockers through Evri at a rate of £4.95. This alternative ensures secure delivery to a location of your choice, and with FREE delivery available on orders surpassing £50, it becomes an even more appealing option.

*Prices correct as of November 2023 and are subject to change.

Conclusion: Striding Forward with Clarks

Clarks, with its rich heritage and commitment to quality, stands as a reliable destination for footwear fashion. The variety of delivery options, facilitated by Evri and DPD, ensures that patrons not only acquire stylish shoes but also enjoy a tailored and convenient delivery experience.

From standard delivery to next-day options, Clarks provides a spectrum of choices to cater to individual preferences. As customers explore the diverse collections on the Clarks website, they can trust that the brand, rooted in tradition and innovation, is devoted to striding forward with them every step of the way.

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