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CNE Express is your reliable choice for shipping packages from sellers across China to destinations worldwide. We seamlessly transport your parcels through China and send them abroad. Once your package arrives in your destination country, it’s handed over to a local postal or delivery company for the final leg of its journey.

CNE Express tracking numbers come in various formats, such as 3A5V371169456, 415US00008008, 315ROW0002772, and NT00006891693. In my experience, CNE Express also supports tracking for DPD UK, DPD Germany, Yodel, Royal Mail, and China Post tracking numbers.

With our CNE Express parcel tracker, you can conveniently monitor the location of your package across multiple shipping carriers.

Delivery Time to the UK

The delivery time from China to the United Kingdom may vary, depending on holidays and the logistics network’s workload. Typically, CNE Express takes about 7-12 days to deliver to the United Kingdom. For more precise delivery estimates, use our parcel tracker, which gathers detailed delivery time statistics for over 2 million packages per month, providing estimates with 80-90% accuracy.

About CNE Express

CNE Express has come a long way, evolving from daily express mail and manual operations to a sophisticated, fully intelligent network platform. We’ve expanded from centralized express delivery to city pick-ups using vans, and our office space has grown from a few square meters to over 500 square meters. CNE has earned its reputation as an industry-respected logistics company.

We continuously develop new service projects to meet the demands of our valued clients. One of our unique innovations is the first-of-its-kind warehouse forwarding business on the Internet. With CNE, setting up foreign trade business, like an eBay shop, is as easy as using a computer. We handle everything, from warehousing to packaging, shipping, and forwarding.

To meet the global demand for delivery, CNE Express has partnered with respected logistics companies worldwide, including GLS, DPD, TNT, DHL, FedEx, Luxembourgh Post, Austria Post, and Royal Mail.

For tracking the status and location of your parcel delivered by CNE Express, you can always rely on Every Parcel.

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