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Evri utilises the placeholder name Cub01 when facing challenges in identifying the business name of a Chinese-based enterprise. This issue may arise due to the business name being in Chinese characters or being excessively lengthy. It’s crucial to note that the use of Cub01 doesn’t imply fraudulent activity or the illegitimacy of every parcel; it simply signifies that Evri lacks a record of the business name in its system.


If you receive a tracking number from Evri starting with “CUB01,” consider attempting to track every parcel via the Evri website or here. However, be aware that you might not see the complete business name of the sender. In cases of concern about a parcel delivered by Evri with a “CUB01” tracking number, reaching out to the sender for confirmation of the business name and tracking number is recommended. Additionally, contacting Evri customer service can provide further assistance with every parcel.

To minimize issues with Evri Cub01;

  • When ordering from a Chinese-based business, meticulously verify the business name. If it’s in Chinese characters, seek a translation from the business for every parcel.
  • If the business name is lengthy, attempt to abbreviate it for easier tracking of every parcel.
  • If problems persist, directly contact the business to validate the tracking number associated with every parcel.

Step 1: Thoroughly Check Your Emails

Your journey begins in the digital realm – your email inbox and spam folder. Devote time to thoroughly scrutinize any emails related to your CUB01 parcel. The focus here is on messages pertaining to your order, shipping, or invoices. Keep an eye out for emails containing an order number or invoice, as they are likely to provide essential details about the origins and purchase details of your parcel.

Delving into your email communications is often the first and crucial step, as it can unveil pertinent information about the seller, the order, and the shipment process. Take note of any specifics, such as order confirmation, tracking details, or shipping notifications.

Step 2: Leverage Parcel Tracking Websites

To further enhance your tracking capabilities, turn to reliable parcel tracking websites, such as These platforms are designed to offer real-time updates on the whereabouts of your parcel. Armed with your tracking number, input it into the designated space on the tracking website. This action will unveil a comprehensive overview of your parcel’s current location and the delivery company tasked with its transportation.

Understanding the delivery company responsible for your parcel is instrumental for the subsequent steps. It not only provides insights into the logistics of your parcel but also ensures you are well-prepared for the next phase of the tracking process.

Step 3: Initiate Contact with the Delivery Company

Armed with the knowledge of the delivery company handling your CUB01 parcel, navigate to their official website or utilize the contact information provided by the tracking website. Engage with the customer service team of the delivery company and furnish them with your tracking number.

Customer service representatives are trained to provide comprehensive assistance and information to customers. In this context, they should be able to enlighten you on the origins and journey of your parcel. Inquire about the dispatch location, transit points, and any potential delays or issues that might have occurred during the delivery process.

Establishing direct communication with the delivery company not only aids in clarifying doubts but also ensures a personalized approach to addressing your concerns. It’s an interactive step that bridges the gap between you and the logistics handling your parcel.

Step 4: Thoroughly Inspect the Packaging

When your CUB01 parcel finally arrives, the tangible examination of its packaging becomes a crucial step. Inspect both the interior and exterior of the parcel for any accompanying documents or papers. Sellers often include valuable information, such as their name or address, within the packaging.

By carefully examining the packaging, you might uncover additional details about the seller and the parcel’s origin. This step becomes particularly useful if you are keen on establishing a direct connection with the source of your parcel. Sellers may provide contact information, business details, or even a return address, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the parcel’s journey.

Step 5: Check Online Shopping Accounts

If you bought your CUB01 parcel from an online store like Amazon or eBay, log in to your account on their website. Look for your order history or tracking information. Online stores usually provide details about the seller, including their name and contact information. You can contact Amazon’s customer services here and you can contact Ebay’s customer services here if your sender fails to communicate. Please bear in mind your parcel may have come from TEMU,, AliExpress or AliBaba so you may need to go on to the individual sites to contact the customer services teams directly.

By following these simple steps, you can find out where your CUB01 parcel came from. Whether it’s checking emails, using tracking websites, contacting the delivery company, inspecting the packaging, or checking online shopping accounts, these easy steps will help you uncover the origin of your parcel and make your online shopping experience smoother.


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