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Evri, previously recognised as Hermes, stands as a prominent player in the parcel delivery sector, having undergone a rebranding to elevate its services and brand identity. My last knowledge update was in January 2022, and it is advisable to refer to the official website for the latest and most accurate information.

Introduction to Evri:

Evri, the rebranded entity of Hermes, has positioned itself as a leading parcel delivery company, striving to deliver efficient and dependable services. The rebranding initiative is indicative of a strategic effort to rejuvenate the brand’s image, potentially introducing new features and advancements to enhance service offerings.


Core Features of Evri:

  1. Parcel Delivery Services: Evri focuses on providing comprehensive parcel delivery services tailored to meet the diverse requirements of businesses and individuals. The company’s expansive delivery network ensures the secure and prompt transportation of parcels to their destinations.
  2. Rebranding from Hermes: The transition from Hermes to Evri signifies a deliberate move to revitalise the brand, suggesting a commitment to innovation, improved customer experiences, and updated business strategies. Rebranding often serves as a strategic step towards aligning with evolving market dynamics.
  3. Transparent Pricing: Evri adopts a policy of transparency in its pricing structure, offering customers a clear and comprehensive guide to understand the costs associated with different delivery services. The pricing guide, available at Evri Prices Guide, enables customers to make informed decisions based on their specific parcel delivery needs.
  4. Prohibited Items Information: A crucial aspect of parcel delivery is understanding the restrictions on certain items. Evri provides valuable information about prohibited items to ensure that customers are well-informed about regulations governing the transportation of goods. The list of prohibited items can be accessed at Evri Prohibited Items.

Online Resources:

  • Homepage: The official homepage of Evri serves as the central hub for customers seeking information about the company, its services, and any recent updates or announcements. The website provides a user-friendly interface to navigate through various sections.
  • Prices Guide: Evri Prices Guide: The prices guide is a valuable resource for customers, offering a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with Evri’s diverse range of delivery services. This transparency fosters customer trust and aids in making informed decisions based on specific parcel delivery requirements.
  • Prohibited Items Information: What I Can and Cannot Send: The comprehensive list of prohibited items serves as a critical reference for customers, guiding them on the items that can and cannot be sent through Evri’s delivery services. This information ensures compliance with regulations and facilitates the smooth processing of parcels.

Evri in Detail:

Rebranding and Strategic Evolution: The decision to rebrand from Hermes to Evri reflects a strategic evolution in the company’s identity. Rebranding is not merely a change in name; it is a deliberate effort to redefine the brand’s essence, possibly accompanied by innovations, enhanced services, and an updated approach to meet contemporary market demands. It signifies a commitment to remaining relevant and dynamic in the ever-evolving delivery landscape.

Parcel Delivery Services: Evri’s core competency lies in its parcel delivery services. With an extensive network, the company ensures that parcels are handled securely and delivered promptly to their intended destinations. Whether catering to businesses with high-volume deliveries or individual customers with occasional shipments, Evri positions itself as a versatile and reliable delivery partner.

Transparent Pricing: One of the hallmarks of Evri’s customer-centric approach is its commitment to transparent pricing. The prices guide serves as a practical tool for customers, offering a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with various delivery services. By providing clarity on pricing structures, Evri empowers its customers to make informed decisions aligned with their budgetary considerations.

Prohibited Items and Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the intricacies of what can and cannot be sent is a crucial aspect of parcel delivery. Evri’s comprehensive list of prohibited items is an essential resource, ensuring that customers are aware of regulatory restrictions governing the transportation of specific goods. By promoting awareness and compliance, Evri contributes to the smooth and lawful processing of parcels.

Online Presence and User Experience: Evri’s official website,, serves as a pivotal digital platform for customers. The website is designed for user-friendly navigation, providing visitors with easy access to essential information about the company, its services, and any updates. A well-crafted online presence is vital in an era where digital engagement is integral to customer interactions.

Sustainability Initiatives: While specific details about Evri’s sustainability initiatives may not be outlined in the provided information, it is worth noting that sustainability has become a significant consideration for companies operating in the delivery and logistics sector. Many delivery companies, recognising their environmental impact, are increasingly adopting sustainable practices, such as reducing carbon emissions, implementing recycling programmes, and exploring eco-friendly packaging options.

Challenges and Innovations: In the rapidly evolving delivery landscape, companies like Evri face challenges ranging from technological advancements to changing consumer expectations. The ability to adapt and innovate is crucial in addressing these challenges. Whether embracing new technologies, enhancing delivery tracking systems, or introducing customer-focused innovations, companies like Evri navigate a dynamic landscape by staying at the forefront of industry trends.


Evri, formerly known as Hermes, emerges as a key player in the parcel delivery industry with a commitment to delivering efficient, reliable, and transparent services. The rebranding from Hermes to Evri signals not just a change in name but a strategic move towards enhancing the brand’s identity and services. By providing transparent pricing, essential information on prohibited items, and maintaining a robust online presence, Evri positions itself as a customer-centric delivery partner.

As the delivery sector continues to evolve, Evri’s strategic evolution and commitment to customer satisfaction will likely play a pivotal role in shaping its future trajectory. For the latest and most accurate information about Evri’s services, policies, and any recent developments, customers are advised to refer directly to the official website or contact the company through its official channels. Evri stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation, embodying the dynamism required to thrive in the contemporary world of parcel delivery services.

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