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GLS: Leading the Way in Global Logistics Excellence Since 1999

Introduction: Established in 1999, GLS, a Dutch delivery company and a subsidiary of the esteemed English Royal Mail, has emerged as a leading force in global logistics. This article explores the key dimensions of GLS, emphasising its international proficiency and diverse service divisions that have propelled its success over the years.

A Royal Mail Subsidiary: As a subsidiary of the renowned English Royal Mail, GLS draws strength from a robust foundation and a storied legacy in the logistics industry. Since its inception in 1999, GLS has consistently evolved and broadened its reach, solidifying its stature as a significant player in the global delivery landscape.

Global Network Reach: A hallmark of GLS is its expansive international network, facilitating the seamless transportation and delivery of parcels to over 40 countries. This network spans across Europe, the United States, and Canada, positioning GLS as a versatile and dependable logistics partner on a global scale.

Diverse Service Divisions in France: Within France, GLS operates through three primary divisions, each tailored to specific needs and industries. The first division prioritises swift delivery services, ensuring efficient and prompt parcel transportation. The second division specialises in providing customised solutions for e-merchants, a distinction marked by three consecutive victories at the E-commerce Awards in the supply chain category. The third division underscores GLS’s expertise in handling health products, demonstrating a commitment to precision and care in the delivery of sensitive goods.

Key Figures for GLS in France: GLS’s impact in France is underscored by impressive figures, showcasing the scale of its operations and the breadth of its reach:

  • Over 1,450 employees contribute to GLS’s success in France, underscoring the company’s significance as a substantial employer in the region.
  • The network features an expansive infrastructure, including 6,000 pick-up and go locations, 95 branches, and 10 order processing hubs. This widespread presence ensures accessibility and convenience for both senders and recipients.
  • Globally, GLS’s network spans 40 countries, managing a staggering volume of over 667 million parcels. This sheer magnitude reinforces GLS’s standing as a major player in the international logistics arena.
  • In 2019, GLS achieved revenues totalling €3.6 billion, attesting to the company’s financial stability and sustained growth.

Commitment to Unparalleled Excellence: GLS’s unwavering commitment to excellence is not only reflected in its impressive figures but also in its consistent recognition for outstanding services. The three-time winner of the E-commerce Awards in the supply chain category underscores GLS’s dedication to providing innovative and reliable solutions for e-merchants, highlighting its adaptability in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Parcelforce Worldwide Partnership in the UK: In the United Kingdom, GLS parcels find their way to recipients through the trusted services of Parcelforce Worldwide, GLS’s dedicated delivery partner. Notably, Parcelforce Worldwide, previously known as Royal Mail Parcels, plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless and secure delivery of GLS parcels to destinations across the UK.

Conclusion: In conclusion, GLS stands as a paragon of excellence in global logistics, seamlessly blending its heritage as a subsidiary of the Royal Mail with a dedication to innovation and service diversity. With a robust international network, specialised divisions addressing diverse needs, and a track record of financial success, GLS continues to redefine the benchmarks of global logistics. Navigating the intricate landscape of parcel delivery, GLS remains a trusted partner for businesses and individuals, exemplifying reliability, efficiency, and an unwavering commitment to surpassing customer expectations.

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