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Launched in November 2016, OnBuy has quickly established itself as a formidable player in the online marketplace sector. With a vision to create a fairer and more transparent marketplace, OnBuy differentiates itself by prioritising both buyers and sellers. This article provides an in-depth look at OnBuy, covering its operations, safety measures, reasons to shop, OnBuy Contact Details and more.

What is OnBuy?


OnBuy is an innovative online marketplace that connects buyers with thousands of professional business sellers. Unlike other major marketplaces, OnBuy does not sell products itself, ensuring a fair playing field for all its sellers. This model fosters a diverse and competitive environment, benefiting both sellers and buyers but should anything go wrong in transit, the company step in and customers can use the OnBuy Contact Details to reach out for further assistance.

History and Growth

Since its inception in 2016, OnBuy has experienced rapid growth, becoming the fastest-growing marketplace in the world. By focusing on fairness, transparency, and providing excellent service, OnBuy has attracted a wide range of sellers, from large household names to small independent retailers. This approach has allowed OnBuy to offer a vast array of products at competitive prices.

Onbuy Contact Details

How Does OnBuy Work?

Browsing and Comparing

OnBuy offers a user-friendly platform where customers can browse millions of products. The site allows for easy comparison of price, delivery cost, delivery times, seller reviews, and warranty information. This transparency helps buyers make informed purchasing decisions.


The checkout process at OnBuy is straightforward and secure. Customers can choose from various payment methods, including all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, and Klarna. OnBuy Protection covers eligible orders, offering buyers peace of mind for up to 180 days after purchase and you can access help here OnBuy Contact Details if there is any issues.

Enjoying and Reviewing

Once a purchase is made, buyers are encouraged to review their orders. Genuine reviews from verified buyers help maintain trust and quality within the marketplace. Additionally, reviewing orders enters buyers into OnBuy’s monthly prize draw.

Why Shop with OnBuy?

Extensive Product Range

OnBuy boasts an impressive catalogue of over 35 million products. This vast selection ensures that buyers can find exactly what they are looking for, often at competitive prices.

Secure Shopping Experience

OnBuy prioritises customer security. The platform only accepts genuine reviews from verified buyers and ensures all sellers meet strict criteria before they can list products. The secure checkout process and flexible payment options further enhance the shopping experience. The team have a fast resolution where you can use the OnBuy Contact Details to reach out to their team to resolve any issues.

Supporting UK Businesses

As a UK-based company, OnBuy supports the British economy by paying its fair share of tax. Shopping on OnBuy also supports thousands of small to medium businesses, as well as favourite brands.

OnBuy Protection

Eligible items purchased through OnBuy are covered by OnBuy Protection for up to 180 days. This policy ensures that buyers are safeguarded against any issues that might arise post-purchase, with no hidden costs.Their customer services team are easily accessible and you can access the OnBuy Contact Details Here

Verified Reviews

OnBuy only allows verified reviews for genuine orders, helping to maintain a trustworthy and reliable marketplace. This system ensures that reviews are authentic and reflective of true customer experiences.

Is OnBuy Safe?

Absolutely. OnBuy goes to great lengths to ensure a secure shopping environment. Sellers are thoroughly vetted before they can join the platform, and only genuine reviews from verified buyers are accepted. This robust verification process ensures that buyers can shop with confidence from a wide range of products.

OnBuy’s secure payment options include all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, and Klarna. Moreover, OnBuy Protection covers eligible orders for up to 180 days, providing additional security and peace of mind. Remember, if anything goes wrong with your parcel in transit, reach out to the company that sent the parcel, if they fail to assist, OnBuy’s team will be able to step in. OnBuy Contact Details are HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is OnBuy Based?

OnBuy is based in the UK. The company is committed to supporting the British economy and proudly pays its fair share of tax.

Where Are OnBuy’s Sellers Based?

OnBuy connects buyers with trusted sellers from across the UK and beyond. All sellers must meet strict criteria to ensure they offer high-quality products and services.

Why Can the Same Product Be Available at Different Prices?

As an online marketplace, OnBuy allows multiple sellers to list the same product. These sellers can set their own prices, giving buyers the opportunity to compare and choose the best deal. By clicking on a product, buyers can scroll down to ‘Compare Sellers’ to view different prices, delivery costs, and seller ratings.

Is OnBuy the Same as Amazon?

While OnBuy and Amazon are both online marketplaces, there are key differences. Unlike Amazon, OnBuy does not sell any products directly and does not compete with its sellers. This unique approach ensures that all sales are made by trusted sellers, and OnBuy focuses on providing a transparent and fair platform.

Is OnBuy Legitimate?

Yes, the company is a legitimate UK-based business. The platform carefully vets each seller to ensure only trusted businesses can sell products. OnBuy’s dedication to fairness and transparency has earned it a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy marketplace. Additionally, OnBuy Protection covers eligible items for up to 180 days, offering extra peace of mind.

OnBuy Contact Details

For any issues or inquiries, you can use the OnBuy Contact Details below to get in touch:

  • Help Page: Visit OnBuy’s Help Page for a comprehensive guide to frequently asked questions and common issues.
  • OnBuy Contact Details: For more specific inquiries, visit OnBuy’s Contact Page to find the appropriate contact information.

OnBuy has revolutionised the online marketplace landscape by creating a fair and transparent platform that prioritises both buyers and sellers. With an extensive range of products, secure shopping options, and a commitment to supporting UK businesses, OnBuy offers a unique and compelling alternative to traditional marketplaces. Its rapid growth and dedication to customer satisfaction by making sure that Onbuy Contact Details are easily accessible to their clients, make the business a standout choice for online shoppers looking for variety, security, and fairness.

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