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Packlink is a company that provides parcel delivery and shipping services, facilitating the transportation of packages for individuals and businesses. Please note that there may have been developments or changes since then.

Packlink is the shipping partner to Ebay, It allows UK sellers to purchase the delivery labels at competitive rates. You may be able to save money compared to if you buy direct postage from a post office for example but please be aware that Packlink is a third party company that will use the services of a courier company such as or DPD etc so if you purchase a label through Packlink and something goes wrong in transit such as if a parcel becomes lost or damaged, you will need to contact Packlink directly – you can contact them using this link HERE.

Overview of Packlink:

Packlink operates as a platform that connects customers with various courier services to streamline the process of sending parcels. The company serves as an intermediary, offering a convenient and accessible way for users to compare shipping rates, choose courier services, and arrange for the delivery of their packages.

Key Features and Services:

  1. Parcel Delivery Platform: Packlink operates as an online platform that enables users to compare shipping rates and services from different courier companies. This platform simplifies the process of sending parcels by providing a one-stop solution for selecting, booking, and managing deliveries.
  2. Courier Service Comparison: One of Packlink’s primary features is its ability to compare shipping rates and services from various courier providers. Users can input details about their parcel, and Packlink presents a range of options, allowing customers to choose the service that best meets their needs, whether in terms of speed, cost, or additional features.
  3. Booking and Label Generation: Packlink facilitates the booking of parcel deliveries through its platform. Users can generate shipping labels online, streamlining the process of preparing parcels for shipment. This feature contributes to a more efficient and organised shipping experience for individuals and businesses.
  4. Tracking and Monitoring: Packlink typically offers tracking services that allow users to monitor the status and location of their parcels in real-time. This visibility provides customers with transparency and assurance regarding the progress of their shipments.
  5. Insurance Options: To safeguard against potential risks during transit, Packlink may offer insurance options for parcels. This additional service allows users to protect the value of their shipments in case of loss or damage during delivery.
  6. International Shipping: Packlink’s services often extend to international shipping, catering to customers who need to send parcels across borders. The platform may collaborate with various international courier services to provide a comprehensive solution for global parcel delivery.

Online Resources:

  • Official Website: Packlink Website: The official Packlink website serves as the central hub for customers to access information about the company, its services, and any updates. Users can log in, compare shipping options, and manage their parcel deliveries through the online platform.
  • Pricing and Services: Packlink Pricing: Customers can explore the pricing and services offered by Packlink through the dedicated section on the website. This resource provides details on the costs associated with various shipping options, helping users make informed decisions based on their specific needs.
  • Support and FAQs: Packlink Support: For assistance and additional information, users can refer to the support and FAQs section on the Packlink website. This resource is designed to address common queries and provide guidance on using the platform effectively.


Packlink, operating as an intermediary in the parcel delivery ecosystem, offers a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of sending parcels for individuals and businesses. By providing a range of courier options, facilitating easy booking and label generation, and offering tracking and insurance services, Packlink aims to enhance the overall shipping experience for its customers.

For the latest and most accurate information about Packlink’s services, pricing, and any recent developments, it is recommended to visit the official website Packlink Website or contact the company directly. As the logistics and shipping industry continues to evolve, platforms like Packlink play a vital role in providing convenient and efficient solutions for parcel delivery needs.


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