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Who are ReBound Returns?

ReBound Returns offer an intelligent returns management solutions for online commerce businesses. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Telford, United Kingdom and In May 2021, the company was acquired by Reconomy which specialises in assisting businesses to better manage their resources and helping reduce waste so has a huge focus on sustainability.

By using ReBound Returns, companies can put their trust in the specialist team so that they can focus on their core business as ReBound Returns ensure efficient handling of returning packages from start to finish and communicate with courier companies on behalf of the ecommerce businesses.

Mission Statement

Delivering Sustainable Omnichannel Returns

The mission of ReBound Returns is to deliver the best global sustainable omnichannel returns experience to customers and their consumers through intelligent technology platforms and agile, circular logistics. By using advanced logistics, smart technology, and a commitment to sustainability, ReBound Returns empowers brands to maximise the value of their returns.

Core Values

  1. Intelligent Technology: Utilising cutting-edge platforms to streamline returns processes.
  2. Sustainable Practices: Integrating sustainability into every facet of operations.
  3. Customer-Centric Solutions: Ensuring a hassle-free, customer-friendly returns experience.

Solutions for Rising Return Costs

Understanding the Cost Dynamics

Managing product returns can be a costly and overwhelming task, exacerbated by inflation driving up expenses related to transport, packaging, and labour. Additionally, hidden costs within the returns process often surpass the straightforward per-parcel shipping fees.

ReBound Returns’ Approach

  1. Cost-Effective Solutions: Implementing strategies to keep return costs low while maintaining a customer-friendly experience.
  2. Decentralised Warehouses: Speeding up the return cycle to mitigate product depreciation.
  3. Efficient Carrier Network: Leveraging a vast network of local carriers for quick and convenient returns.

Tackling Product Depreciation

The Impact of Slow Return Cycles

In industries like fashion, product value depreciates quickly if the return cycle is prolonged. Each day an item is not in stock, it loses on average 0.5% of its value.

ReBound Returns’ Solution

  1. Decentralised Network of Warehouses: Ensuring fast returns to central warehouses.
  2. Product Rework Capabilities: Returning items to a sellable state quickly.
  3. Local Carrier Library: Facilitating faster returns by providing consumers with convenient local carrier options.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Importance of a Smooth Return Process

Returns are the final touchpoint between a brand and its consumers. A poor returns experience can drive customers away, while a seamless process can enhance loyalty.

Key Features

  1. Wide Range of Local Carriers: Trusted and convenient options for consumers.
  2. Easy Return Initiation: User-friendly online portal for starting returns.
  3. Fast Refunds: Quick processing and refunds through local warehouse checks.
  4. Transparent Tracking: Keeping consumers informed about the status of their returns.

Reducing Customer Service Complaints

The Challenge

Slow refunds and unclear parcel statuses lead to an influx of customer service complaints, requiring significant time and resources to manage.

ReBound Returns’ Solution

  1. Transparent Tracking: Keeping consumers updated on their return status.
  2. Proactive Communication: Informing customers at every step to reduce inquiries.
  3. Reduced Workload: Decreasing the burden on customer service teams.

Efficient Warehouse Management

Space and Personnel Challenges

Returns processing demands additional warehouse space and staff, detracting from handling incoming sales and outbound shipments.

ReBound Returns’ Approach

  1. Global Network of Warehouses: Reworking items and returning them ready to restock.
  2. Space Optimisation: Minimising space allocated to returns in client warehouses.
  3. Reduced Staffing Needs: Handling the processing of returns efficiently.

Managing the Carrier Network

The Complexity

Overseeing a carrier network is time-consuming and requires dedicated staff.

ReBound Returns’ Solution

  1. Comprehensive Carrier Library: Access to a managed carrier network.
  2. Smooth Operations: Ensuring minimal disruptions and handling issues promptly.

Seamless Partner and Carrier Integration

The Integration Challenge

Integrating new carriers or partners into internal systems requires significant IT investment.

ReBound Returns’ Advantage

  1. Pre-Integrated Ecosystem: Access to an ecosystem of partners and carriers already integrated with the system.
  2. Cost and Time Efficiency: Saving resources on IT investments.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability in Returns Operations

Sustainability is a critical concern for stakeholders, and mismanagement of returns can negatively impact your CO2 footprint.

ReBound Returns’ Initiatives

  1. Sustainability Team: Dedicated to improving network sustainability.
  2. Network Sustainability Index: Assessing partners annually on sustainability factors.
  3. Green Warehousing: Moving towards green energy and reusable materials.
  4. Smart Routing and Consolidation: Optimising transport for reduced carbon emissions.

Hidden Return Costs and Solutions

Identifying Hidden Costs

The returns lifecycle harbours many hidden costs, from logistics to customer service.

ReBound Returns’ Approach

  1. Transparent Cost Breakdown: Helping clients understand and mitigate hidden expenses.
  2. Efficient Returns Processes: Reducing the overall cost of returns through smart logistics and technology.

Achieving Sustainability Goals

Understanding and Tracking Carbon Footprint

Calculating and benchmarking carbon output is essential for improving sustainability.

ReBound Returns’ Services

  1. Detailed Carbon Emission Reports: Providing insights into the carbon footprint of return operations.
  2. Sustainable Partner Evaluation: Annual surveys assessing partners on sustainability.

Enhancing Customer Experience in Returns

Importance of a Positive Returns Experience

A seamless returns process is crucial for maintaining a positive customer relationship.

ReBound Returns’ Solutions

  1. Easy Returns Initiation: User-friendly portals for customers and store employees.
  2. Localised Drop-Off Points: Ensuring convenience for ecommerce customers.
  3. Transparent Communication: Keeping customers informed about their return status.

Improving Return Data and Visibility

Capturing and Utilising Data

Accurate data throughout the returns process is essential for operational control and customer communication.

ReBound Returns’ Technology

  1. End-to-End Visibility: Automating data capture for better insights.
  2. Consumer Feedback: Gathering reasons for returns to reduce future instances.
  3. Tracking and Reporting: Providing comprehensive reports on return journey and carrier performance.

Industries and Geographic Scope

Versatile Support Across Industries

While ReBound Returns specialises in fashion, beauty, and technology, its flexible capabilities cater to various other sectors.

Global Reach

The company’s densest network is in Europe, the UK, North America, and Australia, with support available worldwide.

Tailored Solutions for Your Brand

Customisable Returns Solutions

ReBound Returns offers both standardised and tailored solutions to meet specific needs.

Implementation Support

From initial setup to ongoing support, assistance is provided in integrating ReBound Returns’ systems seamlessly into operations.

Getting Started with ReBound Returns

No Existing Solution? No Problem

The main focus is guiding companies/partners through selecting the best return solution and supports them throughout the implementation phase.

Improving Existing Solutions

Experts at ReBound Returns can enhance current returns processes, lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and boosting sustainability.

ReBound Returns is dedicated to being at the forefront of the returns management process, making it smarter, scalable, and sustainable. With advanced logistics, integrated technology, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, ReBound Returns ensures that returns are handled efficiently. Partnering with ReBound Returns transforms the returns process into a easy and cost-effective process as well as helping work towards reaching sustainability targets as the company’s whole focus and operation is aimed at being the environmentally friendly option for online companies.

ReBound Returns

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