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In the ever-changing realm of online commerce, the efficiency and reliability of delivery services stand as crucial components in shaping the overall customer experience. Yodel, a prominent delivery service provider in the UK, has carved out a distinct position within the industry. This article will delve into Yodel’s role in the delivery landscape and shed light on the companies it serves.

Yodel Overview:

Founded in 2010, Yodel functions as a third-party parcel delivery service, serving both retailers and consumers alike. The company strategically positions itself as a key player in the last-mile delivery segment, offering a suite of services to meet the diverse needs of its clientele.

Services Offered by Yodel:

  1. Standard Delivery: Yodel provides standard delivery services for parcels of varying sizes. The company’s efficient network ensures swift transportation from distribution centres to the final destination.
  2. Next Day Delivery: Recognising the demand for expedited services, Yodel offers next-day delivery options, appealing to customers who prioritise speed in receiving their orders.
  3. Click and Collect: Yodel facilitates the convenient Click and Collect option, allowing customers to choose a nearby collection point to retrieve their parcels at their convenience.
  4. Saturday and Sunday Delivery: Yodel acknowledges the changing dynamics of consumer behaviour, offering weekend delivery options to accommodate those with busy weekday schedules.

Companies Served by Yodel:

Yodel collaborates with a diverse range of retailers, e-commerce businesses, and brands, providing them with reliable last-mile delivery solutions. Some notable companies that entrust their deliveries to Yodel include:

  1. Amazon: As one of the leading e-commerce giants, Amazon partners with Yodel to fulfil its delivery commitments. Yodel’s efficient services align with Amazon’s commitment to delivering a seamless shopping experience to its customers.
  2. Argos: Yodel plays a crucial role in delivering parcels for Argos, a well-known UK-based retailer offering a wide range of products, from electronics to household items.
  3. ASOS: The popular online fashion and beauty retailer, ASOS, relies on Yodel for timely and secure delivery of its fashion-forward products to customers across the UK.
  4. JD Williams: Yodel collaborates with JD Williams, a major player in the UK fashion retail industry, ensuring that customers receive their clothing and lifestyle products with speed and reliability.
  5. Parcel2Go: As an online parcel delivery comparison site, Parcel2Go utilises Yodel’s services to ensure that users can choose Yodel as a trusted and efficient delivery option for their parcels.


Yodel’s role in the UK delivery landscape extends beyond providing logistics services – it actively contributes to shaping the customer experience for numerous businesses. By fostering collaborations with major retailers and e-commerce platforms, Yodel continues to play a pivotal role in the last-mile delivery segment, offering reliable and innovative solutions to meet the evolving demands of the modern consumer. As the e-commerce industry continues to thrive, Yodel’s commitment to efficient and customer-centric delivery services positions it as a key partner for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of the final mile.

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