Top Internet Broadband Suppliers of 2024: Leading Providers for Speed, Reliability, and Value

Hyperoptic: The Premier Choice for High-Speed Broadband Service

Hyperoptic has an ultra-fast, full-fiber network customised to your speed needs. Hyperoptic can deliver gigabit downloads and uploads, outperforming a lot of the providers in this year’s tests by Expert Reviews. So it’s no wonder that Hyperoptic’s performance is so highly rated. Expert Reviews Best Broadband Awards survey this year found that 86% of customers were satisfied with their speeds, with almost two-thirds saying they were “very satisfied.” Additionally, Hyperoptic’s contact center stands out for its superior interruption problem-solving capabilities, outperforming other providers according to Expert Reviews research.

But the Achilles heel of hyperoptic is coverage. Only its 1.4 million premises in the UK have access to its network. If you are outside this coverage area, don’t worry, Community Fiber internet has proven to be the next best option when it comes to speed, allowing you to stay connected at lightning speeds even in areas outside of Hyperoptic coverage.

Hyperoptic broadband plans
Fast: 57Mbits/sec for £26/mth
Superfast: 158Mbits/sec for £35/mth
Ultrafast: 522Mbits/sec for £38/mth
Hyperfast: 900Mbits/sec for £40/mth
All plans last 24 months, with £19 to pay upfront

Three: The best-value broadband provider

Three stood out in this year’s survey by making a unique approach to home broadband services. Instead of relying on traditional wired connections, three are using powerful 4G and 5G mobile networks to provide internet access. What still sets it apart is its incredible price.

For just £22 per month, three offers home broadband that not only saves you money, but also eliminates the hassle of installation, avoiding the need for disruptive activities such as digging the garden or wait for the engineer. With three, you can be connected within days and flexible to extend the length of the contract, with a convenient roll-up month option available for £25 per month.

This price and flexibility make THREE broadband very attractive to people on a budget, people living at home for a short time like students, or anyone who cares about something hard work installing custom broadband. However, it is important to check the insurance coverage in your country before doing so.

Three broadband plans
4G: 600Mbits/sec for £22/mth
5G: 3,800Mbits/sec for £22/mth
1, Each plan extends over a period of 24 months, with no upfront payment required.
2, While speeds are presented as theoretical maximums, they may not be achievable in real-world conditions.
3, Prices displayed will undergo an annual increase every April, calculated based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation plus 3.9%.

Community Fibre: offer dedicated full fibre broadband to households

Community Fiber offers high download speeds of up to one gigabit, a rating among the fastest options available in the UK. Plus, their prices are exceptionally competitive and they offer one of the best Gigabit plans on the market. The provider’s good reputation for customer service places it at the limit of trust, while its commitment to the correct contract process demonstrates its role as a service provider.

Covering more than 1.3 million homes across 31 London boroughs, Community Fiber ensures widespread access to the internet service it runs, drives connectivity and power across the region.

  • Fast: Price From £17.99
  • Plans: 12 or 24 months
  • Setup Cost: Up to £14.95

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