Black Friday – A Friendly Guide

You’d be forgiven for assuming that Black Friday deals are exclusive to that particular Friday, given the name’s inclination. However, the world of retail is known for its twists, with some shops and online stores opting for a unique approach.


While many retailers reserve their deals for the day itself, a substantial number choose a more extended celebration, spanning from the week leading up to Black Friday to the days following it. Let’s take a closer look at these diverse approaches and weigh the pros and cons, providing insights to enhance your business during this bustling buying period. Join us on this journey of exploration!

Sales on the Day

Starting with the more ‘traditional’ Black Friday sales, you might consider offering your customers bargains specifically on the big day. Some retailers, however, prefer to stagger their promotions over a 24-hour period, unveiling a new deal every hour.


  • Staggered sales break up the day into more manageable chunks.
  • Customers can anticipate when the deals will be available.
  • The busy period is concentrated in one day.


  • Managing a large influx of customers for an extended period could be challenging.
  • Keeping track of all items on sale simultaneously might be trickier.

A Deal Each Day

Similar to hourly sales, some retailers initiate Black Friday promotions early, featuring a deal for each day in the week leading up to the grand Friday.


  • Broken up chunks are more manageable.
  • Customer numbers spread over a longer period can be easier to handle.
  • Offers more breathing space for processing orders and deliveries.


  • Frustration may arise if customers miss a discount on a particular day.
  • Rival companies might observe your deals and offer more discounts later.

The Long Weekend

Certain retailers extend their Black Friday promotions from Friday to the following Monday, creating a Black Friday weekend extravaganza.


  • A longer period offers more opportunities for customer purchases.
  • Greater chances to clear inventory.


  • Prolongs the Black Friday sale, requiring more time for order processing.
  • Awareness efforts are needed to inform customers that offers extend throughout the weekend.

Delivery at a Later Date

Some e-commerce companies opt for deals on and around Black Friday but with extended delivery periods, spreading the event over a more extended timeframe.


  • Allows for more productivity on the day by focusing on order processing.
  • Less pressure on staff during this time, providing flexibility for issue resolution.


  • Increased time managing deliveries.
  • Some customers may be deterred by not offering immediate delivery.

Happy navigating! 🌟🛍️

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