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Evri offers a comprehensive range of support services, providing users with various options for assistance. From automated self-service channels to direct interaction with Evri’s team of customer service advisors, individuals have a spectrum of choices to address their needs. Opting to initiate a chat emerges as the most expeditious route to receive help, highlighting Evri’s commitment to delivering swift and efficient support. This array of support services reflects Evri’s dedication to ensuring accessibility and responsiveness in assisting users, allowing them to select the support method that suits their preferences and requirements.

To facilitate assistance, individuals seeking support from Evri are encouraged to provide pertinent information about their parcel. Regrettably, if this information is not readily available, it may pose a challenge to connect with Evri’s support services. For parcel-related inquiries, Evri typically requires one of the following details:

  • Tracking number (e.g., H044CA0012345678)
  • ParcelShop receipt number (e.g., P1234567)
  • Calling card number (e.g., 12345678)

In the event that these details are unavailable and communication via chat or telephone proves challenging, individuals are advised to reach out to the parcel sender or retailer for assistance. This approach ensures a collaborative effort to address queries and provide the necessary support.


Initiating a chat emerges as the optimal method for individuals seeking real-time information about their parcel, desiring immediate modifications to their delivery, or requiring assistance with an issue. The chat service stands out as the most expeditious means to contact Evri. Through this platform, the digital assistant is capable of offering support or initiating an enquiry for review by an Evri customer service advisor. Following the investigation, individuals can expect to receive an email or phone call with the outcomes of their inquiry.


Individuals requiring assistance with issues related to their parcel’s delivery, collection, payment, or label are encouraged to contact Evri through a call. Evri’s voice assistant is equipped to offer support, facilitate connection to a customer service advisor for personalized assistance, or record a message on behalf of the user. Given the need for time to thoroughly investigate the enquiry, individuals can anticipate a callback from Evri once the inquiry has been thoroughly examined.

Individuals are advised to verify the required information before initiating contact. Depending on the nature of the inquiry, common details may include a tracking number for parcel-related queries, order or transaction information for payment or purchase concerns, ParcelShop receipt numbers when applicable, or calling card numbers for specific inquiries. Having this pertinent information readily available ensures a smoother support process and enhances the efficiency of assistance when contacting the relevant party.

Tracking number e.g. H044CA0012345678– the last 8 numbers only

ParcelShop receipt number e.g. P1234567– the 7 numbers after the P

Calling card number e.g. 12345678

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  1. Rebecca Lewis

    I need to return a parcel from Loxinova, the retailer isn’t on your list but you gave delivered it, how can I return ut?

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