Evri’s “Manifested for Delivery” Explained in Detail

Understanding the “Manifested for Delivery” status, frequently seen in Evri (formerly Hermes) tracking updates, sheds light on a specific phase in the parcel delivery process. This article aims to clarify the meaning of this term and outline what recipients can anticipate as their Evri parcels progress.

What is “Manifested for Delivery”?

Essentials of the Status
“Manifested for Delivery” serves as a pivotal update in the tracking process, signifying that the courier service, Evri, has compiled the necessary documentation for dispatching every parcel. This status indicates that every parcel is poised to be loaded onto a delivery vehicle for the final leg of its journey.

What Does It Involve?
The term “manifested” pertains to the creation of a shipping manifest or load sheet, encompassing crucial details such as sender and recipient addresses, parcel dimensions, weight, and contents for customs purposes. This manifest plays a vital role in planning vehicle loading and organizing optimal delivery routes.

Anticipated Delivery Timeline

General Timeframes
Following the declaration of “manifested for delivery,” every parcel typically reaches its destination within 1-3 days. Nevertheless, this timeframe may vary based on factors like the courier service level and destination.

What Comes Next?
Once marked as “manifested for delivery,” every parcel enters a queue for loading. Immediate loading onto the delivery vehicle depends on efficiency and route planning. While the status is positive, it does not guarantee a specific delivery date.

Possible Delays and Challenges

Causes of Delay
Delays may stem from transportation issues, processing backlogs, incorrect addresses, customs clearance, or delays in tracking tools. In cases of delayed delivery, it is advisable to allow an extra day or two before reaching out to customer service.

If Tracking Is Unchanging
Persistent “manifested for delivery” status without updates may indicate a problem. In such instances, contacting Evri’s customer support is recommended.

Tracking and Customer Assistance

Tracking Your Parcel
Utilize the courier’s online tools by entering the tracking number on their website or mobile app to monitor every parcel’s progress.

Reaching Out to Evri
For any concerns or inquiries about every parcel, turn to Evri’s help center and customer support as your primary resources.


1. What does “manifested for delivery” mean?
It indicates that every parcel is prepared for the final delivery stage, with all necessary documentation ready.

2. How long after being “manifested” will every parcel be delivered?
Delivery typically occurs within 1-3 days of the parcel being manifested, though this timeframe can vary.

3. What should I do if every parcel is late?
Allow an extra day or two beyond the expected delivery timeframe, then contact Evri’s customer service for assistance.

4. Can I track the progress of every parcel after it’s been manifested?
Yes, you can use Evri’s online tracking tools with every parcel’s tracking number to monitor its progress.

5. Is it possible for every parcel to be “manifested for delivery” multiple times?
Yes, this can occur if there are issues with the initial delivery attempt, leading to every parcel being reassigned to the delivery manifest.

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