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How To Contact Chronopost – Quick And Simple!

Brief Description of Chronopost

Before we go into detail on how to contact Chronopost, some people may not have heard of this company before but they are one of the largest courier companies in Europe so we have provide information on Chronopost and their partner companies.

Chronopost is a prominent figure in express parcel delivery, particularly known for its efficiency in handling packages up to 30 kg. With a daily handling capacity of nearly one million parcels, Chronopost caters to both businesses and individuals, providing reliable delivery services in France and internationally. In 2022, Chronopost successfully delivered over 230 million parcels, underlining its significant role in the logistics sector.

Who Delivers Chronopost in the UK?

Chronopost offers delivery services to the UK through its own website. However, they do not conduct deliveries themselves within the UK. Since Chronopost is part of the DPD Group, all UK deliveries are carried out by DPD.

How To Contact Chronopost

Membership and Network

As a member of Geopost, a holding company within the La Poste Group, Chronopost benefits from an extensive global delivery network. In France, Chronopost utilses around 19,500 local points, including agencies, post offices, and Pickup points, to ensure efficient parcel delivery. On an international scale, the company reaches 230 countries and territories. There is a lot of people that go search engines and type How to Contact Chronopost, La Poste Group, Geopost and a lot of other courier companies – we’ve provided that information on our Courier page so that it is easily accessible to you.

You can find the company’s frequently asked questions here but sometimes you may not be able to locate the right answer to assist which leaves you asking the question – How To Contact Chronopost? We have the details to their page below so keep reading!

Diversification Strategy

Chronopost has expanded its services beyond standard parcel delivery by introducing three additional offerings:


  • Delivers food products at three temperature levels (ambient, chilled, frozen)
  • Maintains the cold chain during delivery
  • Services both professionals and individuals within France and internationally

Chronopost Healthcare

  • Serves the biology, healthcare, and pharmacy sectors
  • Delivers healthcare products under controlled or ambient temperatures


  • Caters to new consumer trends with out-of-home delivery
  • Utilises a network of over 17,000 Pickup points for convenient parcel collection

Operational Statistics

  • Parcels Delivered in 2022: 230 million
  • Agencies: 100
  • ELUs: 14
  • Chrono City: 5
  • Hubs: 12 (including the international hub of Roissy)
  • Employees: 5,000
  • Daily Routes: 8,000
How to Contact Chronopost

Customer Satisfaction and Delivery Solutions

Chronopost is dedicated to providing excellent service, with nearly 9 out of 10 recipient customers expressing satisfaction with their deliveries. To cater to the diverse needs of its clientele, Chronopost offers a variety of delivery solutions, including:

  • Express delivery
  • Same-day or scheduled delivery
  • Home delivery
  • Pickup point delivery, both domestically and internationally

Their Predict tool ensures precise package tracking, enhancing the overall customer experience. Before going straight to support, we have provided tips here on getting help with issues that arise that may help you troubleshoot the problems so instead of asking how to contact Chronopost, after reading the article, you may ask do I need to?

Ecological Commitment

Chronopost is committed to sustainable urban logistics, particularly focusing on the last mile. The company is developing a fleet of low-emission vehicles, including electric vehicles, natural gas vehicles, cargo bikes, and tricycles. Chronopost aims to achieve 50% of deliveries made by low-emission vehicles by 2025, showcasing its commitment to ecological sustainability.

Talent Development and Employee Engagement

Chronopost employs around 5,000 individuals, with an average length of service of 12 years. An engagement barometer conducted by IPSOS revealed that nearly 80% of Chronopost employees recommend the company and are actively engaged in their roles. This high level of employee satisfaction contributes to the company’s dynamic and efficient operations.

Understanding Customs Duties and Import Taxes

For shipments from outside the European Union, customs duties and taxes may apply. These costs include VAT, customs duties, and additional fees. Shipments between individuals are exempt from these duties and VAT if the value does not exceed €45. Goods purchased by mail and sent directly from a non-EU country to a consignee in France or the EU with an ex-VAT value under €150 are exempt from customs duties. For more detailed information, visit the French customs website at ww.douane.gouv.fr.

how to contact chronopost

How to Contact Chronopost

For further information or to create an account, visit the Chronopost homepage. If you still need additional support and are wondering how to contact Chronopost, we’ve done all the hardwork for you so and that extra support can be found on their help page here.

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