Understanding Tracking Points: Navigating the Journey of Your Parcel

Sending a parcel is a straightforward process, but the real excitement lies in tracking its journey from sender to recipient. Every tracking point tells a story of the parcel’s adventure through various depots, hubs, and delivery stages. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the mystery behind each tracking point, exploring what it means and how it contributes to the seamless delivery experience provided by courier services like Evri.


tracking points


Courier Collection/ParcelShop Drop-off

The journey begins with the courier collection or ParcelShop drop-off. At this stage, your parcel is in the hands of the courier or safely placed in the ParcelShop for processing. The tracking status reflects this initial step, letting you know that your parcel is ready to embark on its expedition.

Local Collection Depot

Once collected, the courier transports your parcel to the nearest collection depot. Alternatively, if you opted for a ParcelShop drop-off, the parcel is collected from there and awaits sorting at the depot. This stage sets the groundwork for the subsequent phases of the parcel’s journey.

Central Sorting Hub

Your parcel then takes a trip to one of the national hubs for sorting based on its destination. This central sorting hub plays a crucial role in efficiently organizing parcels, ensuring they are directed to the correct local delivery depots for the next leg of the journey.

Local Delivery Depot

Arriving at the local delivery depot, your parcel is now closer to its destination. The local depot acts as a temporary resting place, awaiting the final steps before reaching the recipient. The tracking status at this point signifies that your parcel is poised for the last stretch of its adventure.

Out for Delivery

The anticipation builds as your parcel is now with a courier, en route to its destination. The “Out for Delivery” status indicates that your parcel is in the hands of a dedicated courier who is committed to ensuring a timely and secure delivery experience.


The climax of the journey, the “Delivered” status, signals that your parcel has reached its destination or has been safely deposited in a designated secure location. It’s the moment both the sender and recipient have been eagerly waiting for.

Missing Pre-Advice

Sometimes, the online system might not immediately reflect the parcel information. This status indicates that although not visible online, the parcel has entered the network and is in the processing phase. It’s a temporary delay in system updates.

Order Generated

When you book a parcel, it is registered in the system, but collection has not occurred yet. The “Order Generated” status means your parcel has been booked but is awaiting collection.

Sorted at National Hub or Hub Trailer via Sorter

Your parcel is in the process of being sorted at one of the national hubs, preparing for its journey to the delivery depot. This stage ensures efficient organization based on the destination.

Receipt at Depot

Upon reaching either the collection or delivery depot, the parcel is temporarily stationed before moving forward. The “Receipt at Depot” status indicates that your parcel has arrived and will be on its way soon.

Misrouted at Depot

In the event of a misrouting, where the parcel is sent to the wrong depot, there’s a temporary setback. However, the system will re-route the parcel, and it’s advised to allow 48 hours for it to reach the correct local courier.

Manifested for Delivery or Manifested to Courier

At this stage, the parcel is assigned to the courier for delivery. Following this status, a ‘courier received’ scan is expected once the courier is in possession of the parcel, indicating that it’s on the final leg of the journey.

Courier Received

The courier has officially received the parcel and is gearing up for the delivery attempt. This status assures senders and recipients that the parcel is in the capable hands of the courier.

Not Delivered Due to Address Query

This status indicates a hiccup in the delivery process, often due to an incorrect address. If you are the shipper, contact the courier service with recipient details. If you are the recipient, reach out to the shipper for resolution.

Parcel tracking points are like milestones in the exciting journey of your parcel. Each status update provides valuable insights into the location and status of your parcel, ensuring transparency and peace of mind for both senders and recipients. With Evri’s comprehensive tracking system, you can stay informed and connected throughout your parcel’s adventure.

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