Wagwan? Parcel Missing? Allow It! Here’s What You Do, Blood.

Yo, when your parcel’s on a mad one and decides to ghost you, it’s peak. No stress, though. Mandem’s got the lowdown on how to fix it up and make sure your package reaches your ends. Stick with us for the real talk guide.

1. Scope Out the Tracking Ting:
First things first, peep the tracking for your parcel. The tracking number is your key – grab it from the confirmation email or the delivery crew’s site.

2. Holla at the Carrier:
Link up with the carrier; they’re there to sort you out. Drop your tracking digits and let them know what’s going down. They’re the ones in the know when it comes to parcel moves.

3. Check Your Ends’ Address:
Make sure your delivery spot is on point. Small mix-ups can mash up the ting. Confirm your address matches the one you dropped when you copped it.

4. Chat to the Neighbours:
If you’re in a block or a spot where post moves like a mad ting, chat to the neighbours. Your parcel might’ve ended up in someone else’s yard by mistake.

5. Holla at the Seller:
Give the seller a shout – they’re involved. Share your tracking deets and let them know the score. They might have some inside info.

6. Get On the Line and File a Claim:
If it’s long, get on the line and ask about filing a claim with the delivery crew. Most of them have a process for lost or MIA parcels. Have your receipts and tracking info on lock.

Dealing with a vanishing parcel ain’t easy, but follow these steps, and you’ll pattern up. Stay calm, talk to the delivery heads and the seller, and if push comes to shove, explore that claim life.

Remember, in these situations, keep it real. Stick to the plan, and your parcel should touch down at your spot soon.

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