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What Can’t You Send with Evri – #1 Best Guide!

Looking for information on what can’t you send with Evri? Do you need to find out what items can be claimed on if your parcel becomes lost or damaged in the Evri network? Do you want to know what compensation you can claim if an issue occurs in transit?

Well we’ve got you covered! Below we have compiled a large amount of information which will help you find the answers you are looking for so we hope you find this guide useful.

Sending Restrictions

Evri allows a wide range of items to be sent, but certain items are restricted from acceptance and compensation. These are outlined below:

Excluded from Compensation: These items can be sent, but no cover or compensation is provided.

Prohibited – Not Permitted in the Network: These items cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

Parcel Size Limits: To ensure quick and secure delivery, parcels must adhere to weight and size guidelines and be securely packaged to withstand movement through hubs, depots, and vans. For detailed information, please refer to the terms and conditions.

Evri Parcel Size Limits

To facilitate smooth delivery, simple size limits have been set:

  • Tape Measure: Add together the two shortest sides, multiply by two, and add the length. If the total is less than 245cm, the parcel is good to go!
  • ParcelShop or Courier Service: Maximum length is 120cm.
  • Locker: Maximum size is 66cm x 41cm x 38cm.

How to Pack a Parcel

Proper packaging is crucial to ensure the parcel arrives in the same condition it was sent. Follow top tips on wrapping, packing, and addressing items for safe transit.

The nitty gritty – What Can’t You Send via Evri

While these items can be sent, make sure you understand what can’t you send if you need to claim compensation as the items below are on the prohibited list which means should anything go wrong in transit, the sender will unfortunately not be able to receive any insurances.

What Can't You Send
  • Badly packaged items or those strapped together.
  • Perishable goods including chilled and frozen food, plants, seeds, flowers, and plant derivatives.
  • Liquids under 1000ml (excluding prohibited contents like paints, oils, perfumes, aftershaves, inks, enamels, and varnishes). All liquids over 1000ml are prohibited.
  • Fragile items such as glass, ceramics, or any item with glass parts.
  • High-value items over £999 (jewellery, diamonds, antiques, etc.) are only coverable up to £999.
  • Electronics such as laptops, computers, games consoles, TVs, and monitors.
  • Specific equipment like cameras, lenses, spectacles, telescopes, or binoculars.
  • Certain artwork and musical instruments, especially if not safely packaged.
  • Items made largely of precious metals or delicate materials like stone, marble, and porcelain.
  • Documentation, cheques, or vouchers.

For the full list of items excluded from compensation, please refer to the detailed guidelines on what can’t you send.

Goods That Cannot Be Accepted

Prohibited items cannot be sent through the Evri network. If a prohibited item is sent, no responsibility is accepted for any loss or damage, and compensation may be required if the parcel causes damage, injury, or loss.

Monitoring Parcel Tracking

Parcel tracking can be monitored through everyparcel.co.uk. This service provides up-to-date information on the parcel’s journey, ensuring the sender stays informed from dispatch to delivery.

Evri Send Terms & Conditions

Sending a parcel with Evri involves entering into a contract, which outlines responsibilities and service commitments, including limitations on liability and compensation in the event of issues.


What Can't You Send
  • Do not send prohibited items so make sure you understand what can’t you send.
  • Ensure parcels are correctly labelled, securely packaged, and meet declared size and weight.

Important Notes:

  • If a parcel exceeds declared dimensions, additional charges and administration fees may apply.
  • Adequate packaging is crucial to prevent damage during transit.

Service Commitments:

  • Standard delivery aims for 2-3 working days from drop-off.
  • Next Day delivery aims for 1 working day, with allowances for weekends.
  • Full cover is available for additional protection.

For detailed terms and conditions, including compensation claims and service specifics, please review the comprehensive guidelines.

Promotions and Discounts

Evri offers various discounts and promotions, such as:

  • Tesco Clubcard Points: Earn 1 point for every £1 spent on evri.com (excluding specific services, with conditions applied).
  • 20% Discount: Available on domestic parcels ordered through evri.com, with certain exclusions.
  • Other Discounts: Various percentage discounts on domestic parcels, subject to terms and conditions.

For more information on promotions, please visit evri.com

By adhering to these guidelines and understanding the restrictions put in place on what can’t you send, a smooth and efficient shipping experience with Evri can be ensured.

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