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Hastings Direct Phone Number – Customer Service

Hastings Direct Phone Number and Emails

Have you purchased Business Courier Insurance from Hastings Direct and are experiencing communication difficulties? At EveryParcel, we help you find the best contact services to resolve any issues. Get the Hastings Direct Phone number and email to quickly connect with their customer support for prompt assistance regarding your concerns.

Customer Service: +44 333 321 9801 or Email customersupport@hastingsdirect.com

The best phone number to call Hastings Direct is +44 333 321 9801. When you use the Hastings Direct Phone Number, 79% of customers manage to speak with a real person.

Be ready for the call, as Hastings Direct might ask for your first and last name, address, or customer ID to identify you as a customer this is due to GDPR.

The best email to contact Hastings Direct is customersupport@hastingsdirect.com. 98% of customers use this address to resolve their issues and concerns.

Why would I need to contact Hastings Direct?

Are you wondering why people contact Hastings Direct in addition to Business insurance? There are many reasons why you may need Hastings Direct Phone Number. For example, you may want to enquire about or amend your car insurance policy. Many customers use the Hastings Direct Phone Number to update personal information, adjust coverage like multi car or excess, or just to discuss policy issues.

Home insurance is another reason to contact them Whether you’re buying a new home insurance, applying for a document or just seeking advice, Hastings Direct Phone Number is your go to resource. If you have van insurance, especially in business, you can contact Hastings Direct to discuss a policy renewal, make a claim, or get a new quote.

Billing Issues?

Billing and payment issues are also quite common. You may need to set up direct debits, clarify charges, or request copies of documents. In case roadside assistance is required or you have been involved in an accident, the Hastings Direct Phone Number is a vital point of contact for immediate support.

Hastings Direct Phone Number

You may also contact Hastings Direct in order to get quotes for a multi-car discount or adding drivers to your policy. For life insurance enquiries or just technical assistance with their mobile app or online customer portal, the Hastings Direct phone number comes in very handy for all of this. Be it a minor query or a major need, this number ensures that timely help is available for all insurance related queries.

Hastings Direct Publics Review

Hastings Direct is known to receive a lot of positive reviews on the internet from satisfied customers. Many users appreciate their good customer service that they receive on the phone and email, where the representatives are helpful and responsive when the Hastings Direct Phone Number is called or emailed. Many review platforms and forums show comments on their very competitive pricing and a host of coverage options, making them one of the favorites for all kinds of insurance needs. You can see for yourself on Reviews.co.uk, Trustpilot.

Customers also like the user friendly website and mobile app for easy management of policies and filing of any claims. The way the company deals with claims and resolves them quickly has been on the lips of many customers which you can read on the reviews linked above. Besides, the high reputation earned is the company’s transparency and clear communication with its customers. In general, it shows that Hastings Direct tries hard to provide secure and qualitative services in insurance.

Write to Hastings Direct

If you want to write to them in general, if you don’t want to use technology or don’t like phones, prefer letters well, here it is. This is the customer service address for Hastings Direct:

Hastings Direct Conquest House Collington Avenue Bexhill-on-Sea East Sussex TN39 3LW

Hastings Direct Phone Number

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