Who does Evri deliver for?

every parcelIn March 2022, the courier company Hermes unveiled a fresh identity and rebranded itself as Evri. This transformation aimed to present a new face to the world while maintaining their commitment to parcel delivery excellence. This shift came about due to concerns about subpar customer service and the occasional mishandling of parcels.

Hermes sought to symbolize the diverse range of people, packages, locations, and communities they serve. Their choice of the name “Evri” reflects a phonetic interpretation of “every.”

It’s worth noting that some individuals have humorously connected this rebranding with statements like “Evri parcel goes missing” and “Evri delivery fails,” highlighting issues that a considerable number of Evri customers, myself included, have encountered all too frequently.

Evri, formerly known as Hermes, stands as the United Kingdom’s largest dedicated parcel delivery company, responsible for the successful delivery of over 700 million packages annually on behalf of businesses of all sizes. This includes servicing 80% of the UK’s top retailers, such as John Lewis, M&S, Next, and ASOS.

However, it’s also true that some customers have experienced difficulties with parcels seemingly lost within the Evri network. The reasons behind these issues, whether they involve misplacement, theft, or damage, remain unclear. We would be keen to hear your thoughts and experiences with Evri.


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