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DHL Delivery Times and Tracking Explained

Delivery times and tracking for DHL have been made simple but below is a quick guide to help support any questions that you may need answering specifically for this company.

Are DHL’s Delivery Times Guaranteed?

When obtaining a delivery quote from DHL, an estimate for transit and delivery time is provided. These estimates are based on deliveries to major destinations and do not include time spent in customs. It’s important to note that these estimates are intended as a guide only and actual delivery times may vary. I’ve known some excellent couriers that have missed their estimated time of arrival due to no fault of their own – they have experienced poor traffic conditions where they have been stuck in the same spot for hours or even experienced a breakdown and had to wait for recovery.

Factors Affecting Transit Times

Several factors can influence DHL’s transit times:

  1. Parcel Size and Content: Different items may require different handling times. For example, larger or more fragile items might need special handling, which can extend transit times. Some items will need a courier with a large vehicle to deliver – at some points during the year, the team may experience an influx of huge parcels which will result in a slight backlog as there may not be a high availability on these vehicles.
  2. Origin and Destination: The locations within each country can impact delivery times. Deliveries to remote or rural areas may take longer than those to urban centers.
  3. Public Holidays: Holidays can cause delays in delivery schedules as they may affect both the sender’s and recipient’s locations.
  4. Uncontrollable Circumstances: Situations such as adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, or other unforeseen events can affect delivery times. For more detailed information, refer to DHL’s Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

Are Transit Times Slower from a DHL Service Point?

Transit times remain consistent across all the company’s services, regardless of whether a parcel is dropped off at a DHL Service Point or picked up directly. However, if the daily courier collection from a DHL Service Point has already taken place, the parcel will not depart until the next working day.

Collection Schedule

  • Drop-Off Locations: Many drop-off locations are open seven days a week for parcel drop-off.
  • Courier Collection: Couriers typically collect parcels Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. This means that if a parcel is dropped off after the courier’s daily collection, it will be collected the next working day.
  • Same-Day Collection: Transit times apply from the day the courier collects the parcel from the Service Point. It is advisable to check the store for the latest drop-off times to ensure same-day collection.

Can Saturday Collection or Delivery Be Arranged?

Yes, DHL offers Saturday collection and delivery options. These can be arranged when booking a collection by phone. This service is particularly useful for urgent shipments that need to be delivered over the weekend.

Does DHL Guarantee Parcel Collection Times?

The company endeavours to collect parcels at the agreed date and time. However, certain circumstances beyond their control, such as adverse traffic or weather conditions, may affect collection times. Despite these potential delays, DHL works diligently to minimize any disruptions and ensure timely parcel collection.

What Time Will My Parcel Be Delivered By?

All Express services offered by the company aim to deliver parcels by the end of the next possible working day. This commitment to fast and reliable delivery is one of the reasons why customers choose DHL.

Urgent Deliveries

  • Pre 12:00 PM Delivery: The company offers a pre 12:00 PM delivery service to many destinations. This can be arranged when booking a collection online with DHLitNow or by phone.
  • Pre 9:00 AM Service: For even more urgent deliveries, DHL provides a pre 9:00 AM service to many destinations for parcels weighing up to 30kg. There is also a pre 10:30 AM service for parcels being sent to the USA.

To ensure these urgent delivery options are available for your specific delivery address, it is recommended to contact the Customer Service team for verification before booking.

How to Track a DHL Parcel

Tracking a DHL parcel is straightforward and convenient, with multiple tracking options available. Customers can choose their preferred method to monitor their shipment’s progress.

Tracking Methods

  1. Online Tracking: Visit the DHL website and enter the tracking number in the tracking tool.
  2. Mobile App: Download the DHL mobile app to track parcels on the go.
  3. Email Notifications: Opt to receive email notifications for updates on your parcel’s status.
  4. Customer Service: Contact DHL’s Customer Service team for assistance with tracking or any queries related to your shipment.

Tracking Issues

If there are any problems with tracking a parcel, the Customer Service team is available to help. Common issues include delays in tracking updates or difficulties locating the parcel in the system. The Customer Service team can provide the necessary support and information to resolve these issues.

Multiple Tracking Numbers

In some cases, you may receive two tracking numbers for the same parcel. This can happen if there was an issue with the original label, and a new label (or waybill) was issued by the courier. In such instances, use the waybill number provided by the courier for tracking, rather than the original tracking number received via email. If this happens, we’d always suggest reaching out to the sender.

Need Further Assistance?

For any additional questions about DHL delivery times or tracking parcels, the Customer Service team is always ready to help. They can provide detailed information and support to ensure your delivery experience is smooth and hassle-free. Whether it’s clarifying transit times, assisting with tracking, or arranging urgent deliveries, DHL’s Customer Service team is committed to providing top-notch service and support.


Contact the Customer Service team for any queries, and enjoy a seamless delivery experience with DHL.

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