Evri collaborates with Tesco, allowing you to earn Clubcard points for every parcel you send.

Tesco and Evri have joined forces, enabling customers to accumulate Clubcard points for each parcel dispatched through the delivery service. For every £1 spent on evri.com, consumers can earn one Clubcard point.

This partnership comes as a helpful initiative for individuals dealing with the ongoing challenges of the cost of living, especially with the approaching festive parcel-sending season.

Shoppers who frequent the grocery giant, Tesco, have the added benefit of converting these earned points into vouchers, offering discounts on their Tesco purchases.

This collaboration aims to provide added value and savings for customers in their parcel-sending and shopping endeavors.

On another note, consumers have the option to make a positive impact by directing their Clubcard points towards charitable donations. Beyond this altruistic choice, they also have the exciting opportunity to enhance the value of their points by exploring a diverse range of options offered by over 100 Tesco Clubcard Reward Partners.

This expanded selection provides a unique chance for users to double the significance of their points, opening doors to a plethora of rewards and benefits across a wide array of partners. This dual-choice system not only adds versatility to the Clubcard points program but also encourages users to tailor their rewards experience according to their preferences and values.

David Saenz, Chief Growth Officer at Evri, expresses pride in enhancing the value of parcel sending through the collaboration with Tesco Clubcard.

“Collecting points is an extra benefit we’re delighted to offer in addition to our market leading services, giving consumers control, choice and convenience as we approach the busy festive season.”

David Saenz

In a recent development, Tesco initiated a trial of innovative technology at its Fulham Reach Express GetGo store, allowing shoppers to effortlessly select items from shelves and seamlessly proceed to the checkout. This futuristic system works like magic, presenting shoppers with a curated list of the products they’ve chosen.

This forward-thinking approach reflects Tesco’s commitment to enhancing the shopping experience. Building on this, the supermarket giant disclosed its decision last month to transition away from traditional manned checkouts in numerous larger stores.

This strategic shift signifies Tesco’s dedication to advancing self-service checkout options, promising a more streamlined and customer-centric shopping journey.

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