How To Send a Parcel UK With Evri – Courier Collection & Drop Off

Three simple methods for sending.

Posting a parcel with Evri is fast and straightforward. We provide a variety of convenient delivery services across the UK and internationally. There are 3 SIMPLE ways to send a parcel:

Bring your parcel to a Parcel Shop.

The nearby Evri Parcel Shop provides a convenient option comparable to a Post Office. You have the flexibility to book online, utilize the Evri app, or, if the store is equipped with a Print In Parcel Shop device, simply arrive with your parcel. Regardless of your preferred method, our Print In Parcel Shop devices are available for label printing in case you don’t have access to a printer.

Drop off your parcel at a locker

Evri boasts an extensive network of over 1,500 Lockers strategically positioned throughout the United Kingdom. Operating around the clock, these Lockers provide unparalleled accessibility and security, being under constant surveillance through CCTV systems. Strategically placed in convenient locations such as supermarkets, these Lockers are designed to cater to the diverse needs of users.

For those with more substantial parcels, our largest Locker offers dimensions of 66cm x 41cm x 38cm, ensuring ample space to accommodate larger items. The commitment to convenience is further enhanced by the option to locate your nearest Locker and make reservations seamlessly through our user-friendly online platform or dedicated app. This user-centric approach aims to streamline the process, providing flexibility and ease for individuals utilizing our Locker services.

Schedule a courier pickup.

Experience the ultimate convenience with our door-to-door courier service designed just for you. Schedule your parcel collection right from your doorstep, offering the flexibility to plan up to 7 days in advance. Once your parcel is in our hands, expect swift delivery within 3 to 5 days. This hassle-free service seamlessly integrates with our Standard delivery option, ensuring your shipping needs are met effortlessly. Booking your courier collection is a breeze – do it online or through our user-friendly Evri app, available on the App Store and Google Play. Join us in enjoying the efficiency and simplicity of this personalized parcel delivery experience.

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