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Evri : Common Issue When Receiving a Parcel


Receiving parcels through Evri can be a convenient experience, but occasionally, issues may arise that require attention. In this guide, we’ll address common concerns and provide solutions to ensure a smooth delivery process. Our top tip would be when purchasing online through a reputable website, always make sure that you provide full details such as your email address and phone number – this information is usually passed over to the delivery company to inform you that your parcel is on route and to be fair, how else can a delivery company keep the recipients updated if there is no contact details provided? The short answer is…. They can’t!

1. Damages That Occur When In Transit With Evri

Unfortunately, parcels may occasionally sustain damage during transit. In such cases, Evri is committed to resolving the issue promptly. If you receive a damaged parcel, follow these steps:

  • Notify your sender immediately – the sender of the parcel has paid Evri for the delivery and insurances so they are in the best position to claim.
  • Explore options for compensation or replacement.
  • Seek assistance from Evri’s support team if needed – the team won’t be able to assist with refunds or replacements if you are the recipient but they may be able to advise on the best way to contact the retailer if you are unsure.

2. Non-Delivery of Parcel

If your parcel hasn’t arrived within the expected timeframe, take the following steps:

  • Contact the sender to inform them of the delay.
  • Allow a grace period of at least 7 days for the parcel to arrive – sometimes uncontrollable circumstances occur. One situation that caused delays is when Royal Mail had their postal strikes throughout Christmas 2022 resulting in Evri receiving an influx of parcel causing delays in the Evri network but at least the guys assisted in making sure a larger amount of presents arrived.
  • If necessary, the courier company can investigate the whereabouts of the parcel.
  • Don’t forget, you can get all the up to date tracking if you have your parcel barcode/ID. You can track your parcel HERE.

3. Expected Delivery Time

Understanding the expected delivery time is crucial for managing your parcel. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Evri provides estimated delivery times (ETAs) based on courier routes.
  • While ETAs are fixed, you can divert your parcel to a neighbour or safe location if needed.
  • Note that parcels requiring a signature may not be eligible for diversion so if the courier cannot deliver, they may have to attempt at a later date. The standard procedure is attempting delivery three times and if it has not been delivered, they are returned to the original sender.

4. Tracking Evri International Deliveries

Tracking international parcels with Evri is straightforward:

  • Utilise the provided guidance to track your parcel’s journey.
  • Stay informed about your parcel’s location and expected delivery date.

5. Changing Delivery Address

To change the delivery address of your parcel:

  • Contact the sender or retailer directly – to prevent any fraudulent activity or human errors from occurring, delivery companies operate under the instructions of the sender so please consult with whoever you purchased your items from if the incorrect details have been put on the parcel.
  • Consider diverting your parcel to a neighbour or secure location if permitted.

6. Parcel Tracking Process

Tracking your parcel with Evri involves the following steps:

  • Use the 16-digit tracking number provided by Evri or the sender.
  • Alternatively, utilise the eight-digit number on the calling card left by the courier.
  • You can track your parcel HERE.

7. ParcelShop and Locker Deliveries

For ParcelShop and Locker deliveries, follow these instructions:

  • Receive notifications via email or text when your parcel is ready for collection.
  • Present necessary identification or PIN when collecting your parcel.

8. Scheduled Delivery Updates

Stay informed about your scheduled delivery with these tips:

  • Receive email updates from the retailer regarding delivery time slots.
  • Track your parcel’s progress HERE.

9. Post-Delivery Tracking

After your parcel has been delivered, follow these steps:

  • Receive detailed information, including a photo and map of the delivery location.
  • Confirm delivery with the name and signature of the recipient.

10. Identifying Genuine Evri Communications

To avoid falling victim to scams, look out for the following indicators of genuine Evri communications:

  • Emails or texts from official Evri domains.
  • Absence of payment requests or suspicious links.
  • Familiarity with Evri’s communication protocols and warning signs of phishing attempts.

Knowing how to handle common parcel problems and spotting real messages from Evri helps you have a smooth delivery. Stay alert and informed for stress-free parcel deliveries with Evri.

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