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Evri : Ultimate Guide to Using ParcelShops

Evri Parcelshop – Simplified!

We’ve got the answers to a lot of frequently asked questions in this short and simplified guide to Parcelshops, we hope this answers all your questions but if there is something missing that isn’t on our guide and you need help with – just reach out to us as and ask!

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Evri ParcelShop – Firstly, What is it?

An Evri ParcelShop is a convenient, fast, and friendly parcel service available at various locations such as corner shops, newsagents, and supermarkets. These ParcelShops, with over 8,500 locations across the UK, are designed to offer longer opening hours and quicker service compared to traditional postal services. The flexibility and accessibility of ParcelShops make them an excellent choice for sending, collecting, and returning parcels.

Key Features of Evri ParcelShop

  • Extended Operating Hours: Many ParcelShop are open seven days a week, with 80% of them operating until 10pm. This provides greater flexibility for those with busy schedules.
  • Convenient Locations: ParcelShops are strategically located in accessible places like corner shops, newsagents, and supermarkets, making it easy to find one nearby.
  • Quick and Efficient Service: The streamlined process at ParcelShops ensures that sending, collecting, and returning parcels is a quick and hassle-free experience.

Finding Your Nearest ParcelShop

To locate the nearest ParcelShop, you can use the Evri website or app. Simply enter your postcode or allow the app to access your location, and it will provide a list of nearby ParcelShops, complete with their operating hours and services offered.

Becoming an Evri ParcelShop

For business owners interested in expanding their services, becoming an Evri ParcelShop can be a great opportunity. Evri is always looking to partner with businesses that can provide long operating hours and excellent customer service. Here’s how you can join the growing network of Evri ParcelShop.

Criteria for Eligibility

Evri is interested in partnering with businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • Long Operating Hours: Stores should be open for extended hours, preferably seven days a week.
  • Convenient Locations: Ideally, businesses should be in locations that are easily accessible to the public.

Note: At this stage, Evri is not considering warehouse premises or outlets that offer competitor services for becoming ParcelShops.

How to Apply

To apply to become an Evri ParcelShop, you need to contact the network development team. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Email the team at Parcelshop.networkdev@evri.com.
  2. Include the following information in your email:
    • Your name
    • Your business or store name
    • Your full business address
    • Contact details

Once your application is reviewed, the Evri team will get in touch with you regarding the next steps.

Collecting Your Parcel

Parcel collection is one of the core services offered by Evri ParcelShops. Here’s how you can make the most of this service.

Courier Deliveries

If your parcel is being delivered by a local courier, it cannot be collected from a ParcelShop or delivery depot. However, the courier will make three delivery attempts. If you anticipate being unavailable for the next delivery attempt, you have the option to:

  • Redirect to a Neighbour: Ask the courier to deliver your parcel to a trusted neighbour.
  • Deliver to a Safe Place: Specify a safe location where the courier can leave your parcel.

To manage these options, visit the Evri parcel tracking page and use your 16-digit tracking number and delivery postcode.

Collecting from a ParcelShop

If you’ve ordered from a retailer and know you won’t be home for the delivery, you can choose to collect your parcel from a ParcelShop. Here’s how:

  1. Select the Evri ParcelShop Option at Checkout: When placing your order, choose the ParcelShop option for delivery.
  2. Choose a Convenient ParcelShop: Use the locator tool to find a ParcelShop that is convenient for you, perhaps close to your workplace or on your daily commute.

This option ensures that your parcel is safely stored at a location convenient for you to pick up at your leisure.

Changing Delivery Options

From Home Delivery to ParcelShop

Once you’ve selected courier delivery as your delivery option, it cannot be changed to ParcelShop delivery. However, if you’re not going to be at home, you still have some flexibility:

  • Divert to a Neighbour: You can redirect your parcel to a neighbour’s address.
  • Specify a Safe Place: Choose a secure location where the courier can leave your parcel.

To make these changes, go to the parcel tracking page, enter your 16-digit tracking number and delivery postcode, and select the desired delivery option.

Printing Parcel Labels

Printing parcel labels is an essential part of the parcel sending process, and Evri ParcelShops offer a convenient solution with their Print In ParcelShop services.

Print In ParcelShop Services

Over 6,400 ParcelShops are equipped with Print In ParcelShop devices. Here’s how it works:

  1. Book Your Order: When you book your parcel delivery online or via the app, you’ll receive a unique code.
  2. Print Your Label: Take your code to a ParcelShop with a Print In ParcelShop device. Enter the code to print your sticky label.
  3. Attach the Label: Stick the printed label to your parcel and hand it over to the shop assistant.

This service is particularly useful for those who do not have access to a printer at home.

Sending Parcels Through a ParcelShop

Sending parcels through an Evri ParcelShop is designed to be a seamless and efficient process. Here’s how you can do it:

Steps to Send a Parcel

  1. Book Your Parcel: Use the Evri app or website to book your parcel. Choose the ‘ParcelShop Drop Off’ option.
  2. Prepare Your Parcel: Package your item securely and ensure it is ready for shipping.
  3. Print Your Label: If needed, use the Print In ParcelShop service to print your parcel label.
  4. Drop Off Your Parcel: Take your parcel to the nearest ParcelShop at a time that suits you.

With over 8,500 ParcelShops available, and more than 6,400 offering label printing services, sending parcels has never been easier.

Additional Tips

  • Check ParcelShop Hours: Ensure the ParcelShop you plan to visit is open during your intended drop-off time.
  • Track Your Parcel: Use the tracking number provided to monitor the status of your parcel delivery.
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Pay and Print in ParcelShop

The Pay and Print in ParcelShop service is a convenient option for those who need to print parcel labels on-site. Here’s how it works:

Using Pay and Print in ParcelShop

  1. Visit a ParcelShop with a Print In ParcelShop Device: Use the locator tool to find a ParcelShop equipped with this service.
  2. Enter Delivery Details: Input the delivery information into the device.
  3. Pay for Your Label: Use Chip & Pin or Contactless to pay for the parcel label.
  4. Print the Label: The device will print out the label, which you can then attach to your parcel.

This service is ideal for individuals who do not have access to a printer, providing a quick and easy way to pay for and print parcel labels on the spot.

Benefits of Pay and Print in ParcelShop

  • Convenient for Last-Minute Senders: Perfect for those who need to send parcels urgently without a printer at home.
  • Simple Payment Process: Easy payment via Chip & Pin or Contactless.
  • Immediate Label Printing: Get your label printed instantly and attach it to your parcel.

To find a ParcelShop with Pay and Print in ParcelShop services, use the Evri website or app.

How the Parcelshop options helps

Evri ParcelShops offer a versatile and convenient solution for sending, collecting, and returning parcels. With their extended hours, numerous locations, and additional services like Print In ParcelShop and Pay and Print in ParcelShop, they cater to the needs of busy individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re a customer looking to send a parcel quickly or a business owner interested in becoming part of the Evri network, ParcelShops provide an efficient and flexible option for all your parcel needs. For more information and to locate the nearest ParcelShop, visit the Evri website or app.

Don’t forget, if you do need help from Evri, they have a dedicated team which will assist you. You can contact the team by clicking HERE.

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