The Most Effective Way to File a Complaint Against Yodel

If you find the need to express concerns or file a complaint regarding Yodel’s services, encompassing issues such as delayed or non-delivery of parcels, and potential damage during transit, you can reach out to their dedicated complaints line at 0844 409 8653.

Yodel, a prominent independent parcel carrier in the UK, manages a substantial volume of approximately 135 million parcels annually. They employ diverse delivery methods, catering to both nationwide home and business deliveries, as well as localized courier services.

The moniker “Yodel” was coined as a fusion of ‘your delivery,’ signifying this independent courier’s commitment to efficient delivery services. With a robust fleet comprising over 5,000 vans, Yodel proudly serves around 1,500 clients, maintaining strong relationships with approximately 80% of the UK’s major retailers, including Argos, Boots Direct, Amazon, and Tesco Direct.

Yodel asserts itself as the leading business-to-business and business-to-consumer parcel service provider, boasting coverage of every UK postcode. On peak days, a dedicated workforce of over 16,000 individuals visits more than 1 million homes.

To cater to diverse delivery needs, Yodel strategically divides its delivery business into several sections:

    1. Home and Business: Liveried vans ensuring nationwide delivery to both homes and businesses.

    1. Neighbourhood: A local courier service with extended delivery hours.

    1. World: An international delivery service extending beyond UK borders.

    1. Direct: A door-to-door parcel collection and delivery service, designed primarily for higher volume home users, such as online sellers on platforms like Amazon and eBay.

    1. CollectPlus: A collaborative venture with PayPoint, allowing customers to collect, send, or return parcels conveniently from local newsagents, filling stations, or convenience stores.

Yodel further extends its services through a ‘large item’ delivery service, facilitated by its sister company, Arrow XL. This proves particularly valuable for delivering larger items such as white goods.

Yodel goes the extra mile by providing a range of delivery options, facilitating online parcel tracking, and offering special deals tailored for users with heavier parcel needs. Explore the seamless parcel tracking experience with Every Parcel, ensuring you stay well-informed about the journey of your parcels with Yodel.

Making A Complaint

To address any concerns or register a complaint with Yodel, you can reach them on their dedicated complaints line at 0844 409 8653. The helpline operates on weekdays from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm and on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. If you prefer online communication, there is a feedback form available on their website; however, it is worth noting that this form leans more towards a ‘market survey’ than a platform for lodging specific complaints.

Notably, a survey conducted by in January 2014 identified Yodel as the lowest-rated parcels delivery firm, with more than half of its customers rating its service as “bad.”

In response to this survey, Yodel contested the findings, deeming it unverified. They emphasized that the feedback gathered from their customers on TrustPilot positioned Yodel ahead of its main competitors. According to TrustPilot results recorded in January 2014, Yodel held an impressive average score of 4.5, surpassing major competitors whose averages stood at 2.8.

Yodel Contact Information:

    • Complaints Helpline: 0844 409 8653

    • Online Parcel Tracking: (Your ID and/or call card ID required)

Postal Address: Yodel Delivery Network Limited
Second Floor
Atlantic Pavilion
Albert Dock
L3 4AE

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