What Does Evri Cub01 Mean?

Evri utilises the placeholder name Cub01 when facing challenges in identifying the business name of a Chinese-based enterprise. This issue may arise due to the business name being in Chinese characters or being excessively lengthy. It’s crucial to note that the use of Cub01 doesn’t imply fraudulent activity or the illegitimacy of every parcel, it simply signifies that Evri lacks a record of the business name in its system (Chinese Unknown Business).

evri cub01

If you receive a tracking number from Evri starting with “CUB01,” consider attempting to track every parcel via the Evri website or here. However, be aware that you might not see the complete business name of the sender. In cases of concern about a parcel delivered by Evri with a “CUB01” tracking number, reaching out to the sender for confirmation of the business name and tracking number is recommended. Additionally, contacting Evri customer service can provide further assistance with every parcel.

To minimise issues with Evri Cub01;


    • When ordering from a Chinese-based business, meticulously verify the businesses name. If it’s in Chinese characters, seek a translation from the business for every parcel or use Google Translator.

    • If the business name is lengthy, attempt to abbreviate it for easier tracking of every parcel.

    • If problems persist, directly contact the business to validate the tracking number associated with every parcel.

25 thoughts on “What Does Evri Cub01 Mean?”

    1. Hi John, do you recall what site you bought the good from? The best course of action is to always escalate to the site you made the purchase through as you have a receipt with them and they are liable to make sure that the goods you receive are in good condition. If the damage was done in transit, they have a contract with the courier company and would potentially have to claim through them but this should not stop you from receiving a full refund as the goods purchased are not fit for purpose. Please be aware that if the courier company are at fault for damage, only the sender of the goods (i.e. the retailer) would be able to claim as they are the ones who paid the courier company for their services and (possibly) insurances so only they can claim the reimbursement and deal with the courier company’s claims team.

      If you do not get a response from the sender/website, the next best alternative is to raise a claim with PayPal, Ebay, your Credit Card Company or your bank as you used their services to make the purchase so they may be able to assist as well.

      I hope you find this useful 🙂

    2. Edward Mccartney

      Hi John I am in the same boat as you I ordered some television booster. They came after 14 days. Totally useless. Delivered by EVRI. CODE NUMBER Cub01. I have been trying to find the sellers address. With no luck. I bought them on line Google advertising. Sorry I can’t help. Contacted EVRI. DELIVERY. FOR A FORWARDING ADDRESS NOluck Tried the tracking number H-00RV-A-028972012. No luck tracking number not recognized.

  1. Unhappy Customer Cub01

    You sent me some next persons CUB01 parcel come and take it from me and send it back to them you bad bad company.

      1. Samson Odolofin

        A parcel was left at the door by the driver and when I came in nothing was found. I reported it to Evri. After a day they called me to apologise but I have to inform Cub01 before refund can be processed. I couldn’t find Cub01 in my system and I am not happy paying for something and receive nothing due to the negligence of Evri driver. I like Cub01 to claim from Evri and refund my money orsend a replacement. Evri said they can only refund through Cub01..please take this matter up and keep me updated through my email. My email address is Odolofin@hotmail.com.
        I look forward to hearing from you please.
        Thanks Rory your concern and consideration. The tracking number of the parcel is:H00RVA0287490502
        Samson Odolofin.

        1. Hi Samson, thank your reaching out to Every Parcel, Sorry you have experienced an Issue with your CUB01 Parcel, in order for me to investigate this matter further I require your Post Code so I can raise this for you with the correct team. If you can share this I can have this rectified soon as possible. Howard.

    1. Hi Theresa Pearson, Sorry to hear that you have received a empty parcel, Please send us a Tracking number so I can investigate this for you with the team.

    1. Hi John Anthony Hollis

      We fully encourage feedback if it is constructive.

      Your comment is quite irrelevant to us though because it has no substance to it.

      If you have a problem with your parcel, please contact the company you bought it from and do not take out your frustration on a site that has nothing to do with selling you the item or delivering the item to you.

      I hope you don’t contact the customer services with messages like this because you might come across an agent that will be unwilling to help or delay an outcome as you have not told them any information.

      This article may help you.

      Good luck

  2. Mrs Lesley Cuckney

    Apparently a parcel tried to be delivered just after 8PM last night everyone was at home and nobody knocked the door,
    I tracked the parcel and the picture of the delivery attempt was just black, the number of our house is in big numbers on the front of our house as people sometimes can’t find us as our front door is at the side of the building, the delivery driver was called David and has been working for you for 5 months now, I have had a few parcels go missing in the last few months a brand new wet and dry hoover, a clothes bundle, a pair of boots and Christmas presents, it’s not our fault that your drivers cannot find our address, we are both disabled people that’s why we do most of our shopping online so it’s easier for us, but when it doesn’t arrive or goes missing it causes us unnecessary stress and upset, I hope you understand where I’m coming from,
    Kind Regards
    Mrs Lesley Cuckney.

    1. Hi Lesley

      Thank you for contacting us regarding your parcel. Please be aware that we do not handle the parcels but we can help you as best as we can.

      You can contact Evri using this link here

      We have found that most parcels from cub01 come from TEMU who you can contact here

      Or the parcel may have also come from Wish.com who you can contact here

      Please also be aware that some senders may also be found on Amazon so you may need to reach out to Amazon’s customer services here
      Unfortunately we have no way of getting this resolved. We are purely a tracking and information site and have no couriers working for us.

      Wishing you all the best
      EveryParcel Team

  3. Jacqueline Gibson

    Received a parcel from Evri with a Cub01 reference originally ordered online from a company called Enyopo.com
    The quality is poor and we wish to return it for a refund
    When your system requests the retailers name and I put in enyopo it says ‘not found’
    How can we return it ????

    1. Hi Jacqueline

      I am sorry to hear that you have experienced issues when returning your parcel. You may need to contact Enyopo.com directly so that they can provide you a returns label. Alternatively contact Evri HERE as they may be able to assist.

      Everyparcel.co.uk Team

  4. Had a parcel delivered saying Cub01. It’s from a company trading under a few names but the one I got was sheer trends. They wrongly took 2 amounts of £17, then attempted to use my card another 4 times. Luckily virgin bank stopped this. I have contacted them numerous times with no response, I rang them only to get a person sighing at me asking what did I want. This company is obviously Chinese but they advertise as a UK company. Utter scammers and lots of negative reviews on trust pilot which I should have read first. The item is now delivered, too late, it’s awful quality, it’s bent and I can’t get them to respond 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. Hi Melanie, thank you for sharing your experience, this is exactly why we put this site together to provide information to help others and welcome any contributions that can help. I am glad to hear that your bank stopped the payments from occurring. We have had a few messages come through regarding attempted scams – usually from text messages pretending to be courier companies chasing payments. We are currently working on our database of various companies and expanding on the information for them. This allows visitors to our site to check out verified links to the official pages to minimalize the risk of people landing on fraudulent pages – unfortunately it is a big job and takes time but we have got hundreds of different companies up and running with many more due to be added 🙂


  5. Sadly I just received a shirt with the CUB01 suffix on the note from EVRI. I probably bought it from an advert on Facebook but I can find no record of the transaction in my email. There was absolutely no information in the package and although it does contain a shirt, but not anything I would have bought its made of Nylon (or similar) and looks like it has been stitched together by a child.

    I’ll just write it off to a bad experience but what concerns me most is EVRI just accepts parcels from unknown sources and so help facilitate what is obviously a scam.

    1. Hi Geoff

      Thank you for sharing your issue with us. We like assisting people with various issues and others can see how they can get rectified as well.

      In situations like this, if you haven’t been able to contact the sender to get this resolved, you should open a case with either your bank, credit card, PayPal or the method of which you paid.

      If the item is not described, the customer services team belonging to the payment method will be able to intervene.

      I hope you can get this resolved with either Evri or the company you got the package through.

      Kind regards

      The Everyparcel Team

    1. Hi my parcel tracking number H0045657494737 has not been delivered to my house what is going on where is your courier???

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