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How do I Track My Parcel From Evri

How do I track my parcel?

Having ordered for goods online, the obvious question most people ask themselves would be when the goods will reach their doorstep. So how will you set about tracking your parcel, and what is it that should be considered in the process?

What happens once you’ve placed your order?

Once you’ve placed an order the sender will tell you – they’ll be letting you know that your parcel has been dispatched. There may be a few days of Evri receiving your parcel before it is sent on its merry way so if there is no tracking information showing this will simply be because it has not been received as yet. In order to get knowledge of its whereabouts and its arrival date at Evri you should approach the sender directly – that is the place from where you ordered.

When your parcel was received from the sender, They shall deliver your item within the agreed time. This period will depend on the service chosen by the sender, if not usually between 1-3 days or so.

Track your parcel with Every Parcel

With Every Parcel, you have the benefit of being able to track a parcel using your 16-digit tracking number. This number is the barcode number. You’ll have been given this tracking number when you placed your order, or if you’re receiving a parcel, then the sender really should be able to give this to you.

If your courier has already tried to deliver your parcel, you should’ve received a calling card with an eight-digit number printed on it, and you can use this to track your parcel instead.

How to track your ParcelShop delivery

At ParcelShop deliveries, the status “on its way” just indicates that the parcel is passing through hubs and heading towards the ParcelShop near you. Next, you will receive a text or email letting you know when your parcel is ready for pick-up.

You’ll need the confirmation email or text from the sender if you have one, when collecting your parcel. You’ll also need personal identification, like a driving licence or a PIN; just bear in mind the PIN will be sent in a separate email from your sender.

How to track your Locker delivery

Waiting for a delivery to automated parcel Lockers? Evri will email you with updates about Its location. Then, when it has arrived, and it is ready to collect you can collect your new items – it is that simple.

If in the end you’re waiting more than 7 days for a parcel to arrive, you’ll need to contact the sender as it’s usually them. They’ll be in contact with Evri. Then they can investigate its journey in more detail.

What happens on the day of my scheduled delivery?

On the morning of delivery, your selected retailer will email you with a time slot for when their goods will arrive. You’ll also be given a link to track the progress of your parcel – you can keep it in your sights at all times now!

Your courier will then try to deliver your parcel. If the delivery attempt was not successful, the courier will post one of those missed you cards stating when they are making their next delivery attempt with a eight-digit number that can be used to track my parcel through Evri.

If you know you’re not going to be in to take the next delivery attempt, don’t worry; you can redirect your parcel at any point in the delivery journey.

How to track my parcel once it has been delivered

Once you’ve been notified that your parcel has been delivered, Evri is able to provide the following:

A photo and map of the location your parcel was delivered to, You wont always get a photo, if its a postable item . The name and signature of the person who accepted the delivery. Depending on the retailer from whom you have placed your order, you will get an email when your goods are delivered. It will contain all the information above and give links to all the tracking details. Then you are able to locate your parcel and with bated breath open it up it is as simple as that after all. So now you have the knowledge and power you can track your parcel like a pro.

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