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What to Do When Your Autodoc Parcel Evri Goes Missing or Does Not Arrive

Receiving your Autodoc package on schedule feels like achieving a little goal these days. Especially when you rely on those car parts to maintain the upkeep of your car. However, what if your Autodoc parcel Evri decides to engage in a game of hide-and-seek with you or takes an unforeseen detour through Evri? No need to worry!

Autodoc Parcel Evri

Confirm the Delivery Status

To guarantee the exactness of your Autodoc parcel, check the parcel details using Evri’s tracker or essentially go to the Evri app, enter your parcel number, and view the most recent delivery details. Sometimes, packages marked as ‘delivered’ may still be on their way due to logistical issues with the courier. Don’t always trust the Evri tracking system to provide you with the most up-to-date details on your delivery.

Which courier does Autodoc use in the UK?

AUTODOC orders are delivered by UPS, DHL, Yodel, Evri and others. The delivery courier and time depends on several factors.

How long does Autodoc take to process an order?

Please be sure to check the stock status on the product page you wish to order. Autodoc Offer No delivery on Bank holidays. Items that are in stock will be shipped within 1-2 business days after payment has been confirmed.

Does Autodoc offer free delivery?

They offer free shipping if the order value exceeds £140.00 (except for delivery abroad and special types of parcels – bulky items, core parts, and tyres).

Verify Delivery Address

Please make sure to review the delivery address you entered when making your purchase. Even a small mistake on the address can cause delays or errors in delivery, This happens often and overseen by the customer. If you find any issues Autodoc parcel Evri, don’t worry! Just reach out to Evri right away, and they will quickly try and correct this for you by re-labelling the parcel if its yet to go out for delivery.

Contact Evri Customer Service

If your package/parcel is experiencing a significant amount of delay or has been marked as delivered to you but you haven’t still received it, please reach out to Evri customer service. Make sure to provide them with your 16 digit Evri tracking number not the order number from Autodoc and explain the issue in as much detail as possible, they tend to ask very few questions. Evri’s customer service team will then be able to start an internal investigation and keep you updated on the whereabouts of your package/parcel.

Contact Autodoc Support

Reach out to Autodoc after getting in touch with Evri customer service to update them on the whole situation that has occurred with your package/parcel. Autodoc’s customer service team will liase with Evri and make sure your issue is given a top priority. Depending on their guidelines, they might provide you with a replacement or refund for that matter.

Check with Neighbours and Secure Locations

Occasionally, packages/parcels may be left with your neighbours or in secure place near your address. It’s a good idea to reach out to your neighbours and explore any common safe areas like porches, garages, shared garages, behind bins or inside the bins.

File a Missing Package/Parcel Claim

If your package/parcel is confirmed missing, you may need to file a claim. Evri’s website has a chat and form for reporting lost parcels. Make sure to give precise details on the form and submit it. Keep all communication and documents related to your claim.

Don’t let a simple missing Autodoc parcel through Evri get you down! By sticking to the basic guidelines mentioned, you can boost the odds of finding your parcel or getting a replacement quickly and efficiently. Always double check your delivery information, stay in touch with the delivery partner and retailer.

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