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WHY should you return your parcel with Evri?

Evri is the ideal choice for most of us when it comes to returning your parcel. Here is why you should opt in or Evri:

  1. Convenient Return Methods: Evri provides a range of quick and easy ways to return your parcel to the retailers, ensuring a hassle free experience.
  2. Large Network of Drop-off Locations: Currently with over 14,000 drop-off points spread across UK, finding a nearby location is easy. Evri Locations
  3. Extended Opening Hours: Many of the Evri locations have extended opening hours, offering you a greater flexibility to drop off your parcel at a time that suits you for convenience.
  4. Free Parking: Most Evri drop-off locations offer complimentary parking nearby dependent on time and location, making the return process even more convenient for you.
  5. Return Tracking: With Evri’s reliable tracking system and ours, you can keep a very close eye on your return every step of the way, providing you with peace of mind until your parcel has reached the retailer.

Choose Evri for a very seamless and efficient return process.

2 thoughts on “WHY should you return your parcel with Evri?”

    1. Hi Lydia,

      If the parcel Sky has provided is for Evri, then yes you may drop this off at one of our participating shops or the local post office.

      Thank you

      Howard @ EveryParcel.co.uk

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