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Troubleshooting Common Faults With Evri Tracking Barcodes

Have you ever experienced any issues with your Evri tracking number? This guide will help you understand common problems and how to resolve them when expecting a package which is being sent through the delivery company.

Common Causes of Tracking Issues

  • Incorrect Tracking Number: Evri uses a standard 16-character tracking number so if your tracking number does not work, try contacting your sender in case they have provided you with an incorrect number – they may have provided you a barcode for someone else’s delivery (I’ve had this issue when receiving parcels through Ebay and the barcode provided and notification stated the parcel was delivered – the sender had correctly sent out the parcels to the right location but uploaded the tracking numbers wrongly on Ebay which resulted in confusion!).
  • Wrong Entry: Double-check the entered number for typos or incorrect characters – a common fault is usually mistaking 0 and O resulting in no search results.
  • Incorrect Details from Sender: Confirm the tracking number with the sender. Human error happens and someone at their end may have provided you the incorrect tracking details but this is quite fast to resolve, just a quick message to your sender will get this sorted out.
  • Wrong Tracking Page: Ensure you are using the correct tracking page for Evri. However, we have a universal tracker on our site which is completely free to use. You can check to see if your tracking number is correct by inputting it on our tracker here to see all the latest updates of your parcel.

Fast Solutions

  • Verify the Tracking Number: Double-check the tracking number for any typos. Copy and paste the number to avoid errors.
  • Contact the Sender: If the tracking number does not provide any tracking information, contact the sender to confirm its accuracy.
  • Reach Out to the delivery company: If other measures fail, contact your senderfor further assistance. They can provide insights into any possible logistical issues affecting your shipment’s tracking status. They will require you to pass GDPR questions so please be prepared to provide details of your address, where the parcel came from and the name on the parcel. Details on how to contact Evri can be found here.
  • Logistical Issues at Evri: Occasionally, logistical issues within Evri might cause a halt in tracking updates. If the tracking doesn’t update for over three days, contacting Evri is recommended.


  • What should I do if my Evri tracking number isn’t working?
    Make sure the tracking number provided is 100%, contact the sender for confirmation, and if necessary, reach out to the delivery company.
  • How does Evri’s tracking number format look?
    The tracking number which Evri use comprises 16 characters, which can be a mix of letters and numbers.
  • What if the tracking doesn’t update for several days?
    If there’s no update for over three days, it’s advisable to contact Evri or your sender for further assistance.
  • How do I track my ParcelShop delivery?
    For ParcelShop deliveries, when your parcel is marked “on its way”, this means it’s making its way through the Evri network before making it’s way to your local ParcelShop. If the sender has provided Evri with the correct contact details, you will receive a text message or email informing you that your parcel is ready to collect. You’ll need the confirmation email or text from the sender – if you have one, when collecting your parcel. You’ll also need personal identification (like a driving licence) or a PIN – just bear in mind the PIN will be sent in a separate email from your sender and contacting Evri regarding missing PINs would not assist you as they would only be able to provide that information to the verified sender.
  • How do I track my Locker delivery?
  • If you are awaiting a delivery to one of the automated parcel Lockers, you will be updated on your parcel’s whereabouts over email providing that you have given the sender the correct details and they have relayed that information across to Evri. Then, once the parcel has arrived, and it’s ready to collect, you can pick up your package at a convenient time for you – it’s that easy. If there is a delay at any point and you end up waiting over 7 days for your parcel to arrive, the fastest (and only solution) is to notify the sender. They’ll then contact the delivery company on your behalf and they will look into its journey in more detail – the sender may decide to issue you a replacement item and ask for the original to be returned to them which will help this get resolved sooner.

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