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AUTODOC Company – Full Details and FAQ’s Answered

This is a simplified guide on AUTODOC company – they have become one of the leading suppliers of parts and have become so popular due to their low prices on quality branded products which have saved millions of people a HUGE amount of money. Below you will find information on the company and how they begun as well as answers to issues that may arise.

Founding and History of AUTODOC Company

When was AUTODOC Founded?

Autodoc company
  • AUTODOC was founded in 2008.
  • Initial office: a 150 m² space on the 3rd floor in Liebermannstraße 202, Berlin, Weißensee district.

Who Founded AUTODOC?

  • Founders: Alexej Erdle, Vitalij Kungel, and Max Wegner.
  • Roles: Alexej – car expert, Max – digital strategist, Vitalij – finance expert.

Origin of the Business Idea

  • In 2007, one of the founders faced high costs for a car spare part, leading to the concept of selling affordable car parts online.

Initial Funding of AUTODOC

  • Start-up capital: €25,000 from savings and parental support.
  • First-year turnover: €40,000.
  • Headquarters remain in Berlin.

AUTODOC Company Profile

What is AUTODOC?

  • A leading European online retailer of vehicle spare parts and accessories.
  • Active in 27 European countries with over 18.5 million customers.

Current Offerings by AUTODOC

  • Product Range: 5.2 million products from 1,800 brands for 166 car, 23 truck, and 154 motorbike brands.

AUTODOC’s Warehouse Locations

  • Main warehouses: Berlin, Szczecin, and Cheb.

Reputation and Trust in AUTODOC

AUTODOC’s Company Registration and Locations

  • Registered with the District Court of Berlin-Charlottenburg.
  • Additional locations: Portugal, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Moldova, and Ukraine.
  • Workforce: Approximately 5,000 employees.

Customer Trust in AUTODOC

  • In 2022, 6.6 million customers ordered from AUTODOC.
  • Since 2008, over 18.5 million customers have placed their trust in AUTODOC.

AUTODOC Company Brands and Products


  • Developed to offer better value and higher margins for B2C and B2B customers.

Production Locations for AUTODOC’s Brands

  • Own brands produced in Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan, and China.

AUTODOC’s Mission and Services

AUTODOC’s Mission Statement

  • To make mobility simple and sustainable, aiding car, motorbike, and truck users.

Customer Convenience through AUTODOC

  • User-friendly apps and websites enhance transparency in product and price comparisons.

Membership Programmes by AUTODOC


  • Launched in 2019 to help customers manage vehicle expenses and maintenance.
  • App available since 2020.


  • Started in 2020 to offer discounts, premium features, and prioritised order fulfilment for regular customers.


  • A 2022 service for professionals with over two million articles.
  • Initial launch in France, with plans for expansion across Europe.

AUTODOC Company Return Policy

How to Return a Product Using AUTODOC’s Safe Order Option

General Steps:

  1. Create a return request on autodoc.co.uk or contact support.
  2. Send the unused, undamaged spare part in its original packaging with the invoice.
  3. The Safe Order option allows one return per order.

Extended Return Policy:

  • Return period extended to 200 days for £3.95.

Return Instructions:

Desktop Site:

Registered User:

  1. Go to My Orders.
  2. Select the order and click on Details about the Order.
  3. Choose Items to Return or Replace.
  4. Provide the reason for return and upload photo evidence if needed.

Guest User:

  1. Use the Returns portal.
  2. Enter postcode and order number.
  3. Select the item and provide the return reason with any photo evidence.

Mobile Version:

Registered User:

  1. Access My Orders/My Order History.
  2. Select the order and click Items to Return or Replace.
  3. Complete the return form on the mobile site.

Guest User:

  1. Access the Returns portal via the mobile site.
  2. Follow the same steps as for registered users.

Handling Delivery Issues with AUTODOC

Damage on Delivery:

  1. Refuse the parcel if damaged.
  2. Contact customer support with order and tracking numbers.
  3. If damage is noticed post-delivery, follow the return process for damaged items.

Missing or Incorrect Items:

  1. Check for multiple parcels via tracking numbers.
  2. For missing items, file a return request.
  3. For incorrect items, follow the return process for order discrepancies.

Undelivered Parcels:

  1. Verify with household or neighbours.
  2. If still missing, create a return request indicating non-delivery.

Incorrect Fit:

  1. Use My Orders to initiate a return for items that do not fit the vehicle.
  2. Provide necessary vehicle details (VIN, OEM number).

Delivery Details and Policies by AUTODOC

Delivery Countries:

  • Deliveries only to specified countries.
  • Possible to deliver to a neighbouring country if direct delivery is not available.

Estimated Delivery Times by AUTODOC:

  • United Kingdom: 6-8 business days.
  • Ireland: 7-9 business days.
  • Jersey: 7-9 business days.

Delivery Issues:

  • Contact support if the parcel is delivered to a parcel shop far from home or not delivered as specified.

Free Delivery and Partial Orders with AUTODOC

Free Delivery by AUTODOC:

  • Free delivery to the United Kingdom for orders over £140.

Partial Orders:

  • Check the email for multiple tracking numbers if parts of the order are missing.

Uncollected Parcels:

  • Uncollected parcels are returned to the warehouse, and refunds are processed after inspection.

If there is anything you need help with, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email. Alternatively, you can contact the customer team directly by clicking HERE.

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