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Parcel Tracking: 5 Excellent Reasons Why This Is Essential For The Modern Age

The Importance of Parcel Tracking

Parcel tracking has become an essential component of modern business operations, providing much-needed reassurance to both businesses and customers. With the rise of online shopping and the closure of many physical stores in recent years, the demand for reliable parcel tracking has surged. This transparency in the delivery process is crucial, as it directly impacts customer satisfaction and the overall profitability of sales. Moreover, the convenience of tracking parcels can now be enhanced using platforms like everyparcel.co.uk, which provides comprehensive tracking solutions.

Enhanced oversight of shipping patterns and customer preferences allows companies to optimise their logistics and improve customer satisfaction. The old saying “ignorance is bliss” certainly does not apply to modern e-commerce, where digital parcel tracking across the globe has become standard practice. Customers are often cautious about ordering from overseas due to varying costs and potential customs delays. Parcel tracking mitigates these concerns by providing transparency and reassurance.

1. Communication About Parcel Tracking Fosters Confidence

Clear and consistent communication is vital for maintaining customer trust. While domestic issues can often be resolved swiftly, cross-border shipping presents more challenges. Tracking provides both sender and recipient with real-time updates, reinforcing confidence throughout the delivery process. Proactive communication, such as sending email notifications to customers about their parcel’s status, enhances their experience and boosts the likelihood of repeat business.

  • Real-time updates keep customers informed
  • Proactive notifications improve customer experience
  • Increased potential for repeat business

2. Real-Time Parcel Tracking Enables Quick Responses to Disruptions

Parcel Tracking

While parcel tracking is undoubtedly beneficial for the customers who are awaiting their items, it also offers strategic advantages for businesses. The complexity of global markets, influenced by various touchpoints, international systems, weather conditions, and political environments, can be better managed through tracking data. For instance, disruptions caused by events like the Russia-Ukraine conflict or unexpected weather can be swiftly addressed by rerouting parcels and providing customers with accurate delivery predictions.

Adverse weather conditions such as flooding, snow, and extreme heat affect delivery personnel everywhere. Up-to-date tracking data enables companies to tackle these issues in real-time, ensuring customers are kept informed about any delays and the measures being taken to address them.

  • Swift response to disruptions
  • Accurate delivery predictions
  • Enhanced customer communication during adverse conditions

3. Historical Data Facilitates Proactive Management During Peak Periods

Although unpredictable events like hurricanes cannot be forecasted, regular occurrences such as Christmas shopping are highly predictable. Historical tracking data provides valuable insights for managing international shipping during peak seasons. For example, companies can anticipate slower customs processes during the summer when employees take annual leave and expect delays during major shopping events in autumn and winter.

During high-demand periods like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and China’s Singles Day on 11 November, international sales volumes surge temporarily. Companies can prepare by increasing their shipping capacity, such as booking additional Unit Load Devices (ULDs) for flights or doubling the number of trucks to high-demand destinations. By anticipating demand, businesses can ensure consistent service throughout the year.

  • Preparation for high-demand periods
  • Increased shipping capacity
  • Consistent year-round service

4. Visibility of Bottlenecks

A bottleneck is a point in transit which can cause parcels to come to a standstill and not progress. Customs points are considered one of these common sources of shipping delays. Parcel tracking can highlight these bottlenecks, although it can be frustrating to see an item stuck without the ability to expedite the process. Data indicates that administrative errors often cause these delays. Ensuring accurate and complete customs declarations, including electronic advanced data in an accessible format, can significantly speed up the customs process.

Some international companies will use multiple courier companies which can cause confusion for the recipient to know where their parcel actually is. For example, TEMU have a huge presence around the world but the courier company they original send the parcel with, more than likely won’t be operating globally so these courier companies will work with each other – which is why you will see a parcel transfer from an international courier company that you will more than likely recognise.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may find international shipping paperwork daunting. However, businesses can facilitate smoother customs clearance by providing detailed and accurate information about their items, using the correct Harmonised System (HS) codes. Clear and precise descriptions, such as labelling a product as “hand cream” and using the relevant HS codes, can prevent bureaucratic delays. Without comprehensive parcel tracking, pinpointing these issues would be considerably more challenging.

  • Identification of customs bottlenecks
  • Importance of accurate customs declarations
  • Simplified international shipping for SMEs

5. Efficiency is Key

Parcel tracking addresses the perennial customer question, “Where’s my stuff?” Before international tracking services, customers would contact the company directly, leading to busy phone lines, overwhelmed staff, and often insufficient answers. Tracking allows customers to independently access real-time updates on their parcel’s location, reducing the need for enquiries and complaints.

Businesses that offer tracking experience fewer customer service queries. When customers do contact the company, staff can quickly access the relevant information, reducing the number of complaints and requests for compensation or refunds. This efficiency enables businesses to allocate more resources to other customer service initiatives, improving overall satisfaction.

  • Fewer customer service queries
  • Quick access to parcel information
  • Reduced complaints and compensation requests

For the modern world where everything is available at a click of a button, parcel tracking is indispensable due to the ease and accessibility of making purchases online. It enhances communication, allows for swift responses to disruptions, facilitates proactive management during peak periods, identifies bottlenecks, and improves efficiency. By leveraging tracking platforms like everyparcel.co.uk, businesses can provide a superior customer experience, ensuring that their customers remain informed and satisfied throughout the delivery process. This not only boosts customer confidence but also enhances the overall profitability and operational efficiency of businesses in the competitive market.

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