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Frequently Asked Questions about DHL Account and Payment Options

Do you have a question about a DHL account or payment options? Here are some FAQs to help you find the answers you need and if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can contact the customer services team for further assistance.

How Much Does It Cost to Send a Parcel?

The cost to send a parcel with DHL Express UK depends on several factors:

  • Size (dimensions) – if the parcel is a larger size, it takes up more room so will cost more.
  • Weight – the heavier the parcel, the heavier the price!
  • Destination – if you are sending a parcel around the world, it is going to be handled by more people that sending locally, there is also a much greater amount of mileage for the package to reach the country so the extra costs are all factored in when getting a quote.
  • Sending method (courier collection online, by phone, or drop-off). To keep costs down, you could take it to a drop-off location and save the additional costs of a courier collecting.

The smaller the parcel, the less you pay; larger or heavier parcels cost more. Accurate measurements are essential to calculate the cost and avoid delays.

Volumetric Weight Calculation:

  • Multiply length (L) x height (H) x width (W)
  • Divide the result by 5000
  • The answer will be in kilograms (kg)

The greater of the two weights (actual weight vs volumetric weight) is used for the delivery cost. Non-document parcels sent outside the UK may incur Customs duties and taxes, which are not included in the shipping cost. These are typically paid by the receiver upon delivery unless you have an Express account with the company and specified delivery preferences.

To compare prices, get a quick quote to see three options:

  1. DHL Service Point Drop-Offs: Available at over 1,200 locations nationwide. Prices depend on the destination zone and box size. No printer needed.
  2. Courier Collection Online: Book up to 5 days ahead with a 3-hour collection window. Use your own packaging and print your own labels and invoices.
  3. Courier Collection by Phone: The most expensive option. Call Customer Service at 0844 248 0828 (calls cost 7 pence per minute plus access charge). You’ll need a printer.

Do I Need a DHL Account to Send a Parcel with DHL?

You don’t need an account to send a parcel with DHL Express. Services on their website are designed for customers without an account. However, frequent international shippers may benefit from opening an account.

How Do I Open a DHL Account?

Regularly sending international parcels? Opening a DHL account for your business offers several benefits. To start:

  1. Complete the International Shipping form.
  2. A team member will review your information and contact you.
  3. If you agree to proceed after the call, the team will set up your business account to assist with international shipping.

What Payment Options Does DHL Offer?

If you don’t have a DHL account, payment options include:

  • DHL Service Points: Pay in-store by cash, debit, or credit card.
  • DHLitNow: Pay online using major debit and credit cards or PayPal.
  • DHL by Phone: Pay by debit or credit card when booking by phone.
DHL Account
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Can I Pay DHL by PayPal?

Yes, when booking online with DHLitNow, PayPal is accepted. This allows quick and secure checkout without entering card numbers or financial information. There are benefits of using this service when making online purchases as PayPal enables you to shop at millions of online stores across over 200 global markets without the hassle of currency conversion. Signing up for an account and downloading their app to send and receive money is completely free – you can also gain an added reassurance as you gain extra protections when using their services.

How Are Card Payments Processed on DHLitNow?

Payments are processed through WorldPay, a global leader in secure online payment processing. The checkout process supports Visa Secure and Mastercard® SecureCode™ to enhance security against unauthorised card use.

For more information about account and payment options, contact the DHL team today.

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