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DHL Claims and Insurance: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for information on parcel insurance and how to get through to the DHL Claims Team? This guide covers frequently asked questions about insuring your DHL shipments and how to handle claims in the unlikely event of loss or damage. For further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact DHL’s customer service team.

How to Insure Your DHL Shipment

Online and Phone Bookings

To insure your document or parcel, you can arrange shipment protection through:

Please note that some restrictions and limitations may apply depending on the destination and contents of your shipment.

Service Points

Shipment protection is also available at:

  • DHL Express Service Centres
  • Ryman Stores

Look for the DHL Express and Ryman logos to find your nearest service point or refer to the DHL Express Service Centre list.

Is Insurance Necessary for My DHL Parcel?

Optional Protection

The company’s Shipment Insurance is an optional service that provides protection against physical loss or damage from external causes during transportation.

Standard Liability

DHL handles all parcels with utmost care, but accidents can happen. Insurance provides additional peace of mind and financial protection, limited to your actual financial loss. The brand is very experienced in handling items of great value so the likelihood of any issues arising in transit is very slim but we’d always recommend insuring the parcel for the full value of the item because should the worst case scenario happen, you won’t be out of pocket.

Standard Liability Limits

DHL’s liability for direct loss or damage is provided as standard:

  • Current market or declared value of the goods
  • 22 Special Drawing Rights (SDR) per kilogram for air shipments (approx. US$ 30.00/kg)
  • 8.33 SDR per kilogram for road shipments (approx. US$ 11.00/kg)

For full details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

Extra Coverage

For additional coverage, you can explore our insurance options. This is particularly useful if your shipment value exceeds standard liability limits.

Charges for Insurance

Non-Document Shipments

  • Fixed Charge: £12.00 for parcels valued up to £800.
  • Percentage Charge: 1.5% of the total item value for parcels over £800.
    • Example: A £2,000 shipment will have an insurance charge of £30.00.

Document Shipments

For valuable documents such as passports, visa applications, or regulatory certificates, DHL offer Extended Liability:

  • Fixed Charge: £4.50
  • Compensation: Provides a fixed compensation amount of £400 for recovery costs in the event of loss or damage.

Making a Claim

DHL Claims Guide

In the rare event you need to make a claim for a lost or damaged parcel, please follow the company’s Claims Guide. This guide outlines the time periods and methods for submitting claims to ensure they are considered.

Key Steps in the DHL Claims Process

  1. Report the Issue: Contact the company’s customer service immediately upon discovering the loss or damage.
  2. Submit A DHL Claims Form: Complete and submit the required claim form, available through our customer service.
  3. Provide Documentation: Attach necessary documents, such as the original invoice, proof of value, and any other relevant evidence.
  4. Review and Processing: The team will review your claim and process it as per the guidelines provided in the Claims Guide.

For more information or to initiate the DHL Claims Process, contact their customer service team.

Additional Information

For more details on DHL parcel and document insurance, or if you need personalised assistance, please reach out to the customer service team. DHL is well known for having exceptional customer services and they have a dedicated team of professionals that are available to help you with any questions or concerns regarding shipment protection and claims but before contacting any customer services team, we’d recommend checking out our guide on how to deal with customer services effectively.

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Contact DHL

By addressing these common questions and providing detailed steps, we aim to ensure your experience with purchasing insurance and dealing with the DHL Claims is easy and straightforward. For comprehensive support, always feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

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